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    The Monitor

    @99DylanJones 15044 wrote:

    In view of the recent events with the 10 Labour Councillors resigning from the Labour Group and Labour Party and more importantly resigning from the manifesto on which they had all been elected a Vote of No Confidence in the administration should be called.
    Joining with the Mark Pritchard- Independents Group (he a nil electorate majority as no candidate stood against him at last Election — there was nit even a Labour candidate yet they stood in nearly every other ward- one wonders why a traditional Labour area did not field a candidate ) is now a complete nonsense as at no time has the Electorate ever seen any Manifesto for this Group as they had all been elected on very local issues and with no County wide mandate. If they became the controlling Group then this would be one of the biggest travesties in democracy not only in Wrexham but probably the UK. How could a ‘Group’ of Independents that has no manifesto, No mandate, No proposals for Wrexham possibly lead the area through the current financial and service turmoil.
    Now that NATO have gone let us hope for the sake of the area that the First Minister intervenes and send in the Commissioners to deal with the all the back biting and side swipes that will be inevitable till the next election in 2017 unless the WG sort it now. We deserve more in Wrexham than this form of political ‘anarchy’!

    By definition an ‘Independent’ is INDEPENDENT as soon as she/he joins a ‘group’; they are no longer Independent!



    From previous posts there has clearly been mixed reaction on the change of counties. But if Conwy and Denbighshire are talking now about merger, would it not be better for Flintshire and Wrexham to do the same



    BBC News – Denbighshire council votes to explore Conwy merger

    Looks like a voluntary merger between Denbighshire and Conway is taking shape. So no recreation of the old Clwyd County Council will happen. That leaves a merger of just Flintshire and Wrexham. Flintshire Council Leader has show interest in doing this but so far no comment from Wrexham Council.



    Bigger councils in Wales was debated on these forums last year, and looking up some facts, having councils with 300,000 and many more residents seem to be very satisfactory.

    North East Wales from 1535 to 1974 seems to have had a very stable local government area, and the historian William Rees is quoted: “… the boundaries of the modern shires have largely been determined by the ancient divisions of the country. The survival of these ancient local divisions within the pattern of historical change constitutes a vital element in the framework of the national life and helps to preserve its continuity.”

    With all the arguing in Wrexham, this could be the time for a fresh start, and for Welsh Government to advertise an area, and for new applications from politicians and officers. Why can this not be done now?

    The concerns raised about the cost of mergers are contrary to what we all see each day in industry, mergers constantly happen, and we see reduced costs of departments of HR, finance, buying. As well as these, in councils, this would be the case with social care, highways, education … and probably half the councillors and buildings and services to support them


    Forlorn Hope

    Seems Plas Madoc is ‘on’. Good news. Independents demanding a concession maybe?



    It might free up some money in the budget too if they don’t have to spend £250,000 on demolition.



    This latest turn of events is certainly going to make for some interesting decisions as to who will hold the various Executive portfolios and try to secure seats at the next elections.
    With so many now being part of an ‘Independent’ Group we can expect more twists and turns and personality clashes as everyone jockeys for the key positions (all with extra salery). Talk about pieces of silver to buy a position– how can the majority of this new Group 2 weeks ago could not support the application by SPLASH for the £50k yet when it comes to needing a majority on the Council have now bought the additional Wrexham independents- absolute disgrace.
    This latest twist is yet another reason for the First Minister to appoint Commissioners into Wrexham asap. There is no place in Wrexham for Personality Politics to achieve self gratitude.



    Dylan Jones has some really valid points and views, most of which I would agree is on target. This situation does worry me tho’ – as sometimes what appears overwhelmingly obvious, can mislead one from another reality. I am still seriously bothered that ‘unelected’ people referred to at the outset, – have been somewhat ‘integrated ‘ into the Labour ‘scrum.’ What bothers me…where are these unelected people now. Firth columnists..?
    Are they amongst the 13 – or maybe the 10?



    Just a quick note that some questions about the ‘docking of pay’ and who decided to postponse the exec board meeting have been answered and no commented here: Some Answers Over Executive Board Postponement | Wrexham.com



    The question should probably be about the whole picture, and not necessarily concentrate on salary for one meeting, although this does point out ‘what is the community getting for its money’.

    What benefit and value does the scrutiny committee, and the task and finish group, bring to the community?

    Does this situation not highlight that a very big and expensive machine is spending time examining everything, when we could actually spend that time and money on staff making Wrexham a better place, and caring for people.

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