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Advertise your business and services on, the area’s most popular and most read website, and use us to communicate with the most engaged local audience.

This is us in honest numbers directly measured by Google, Twitter and Facebook to give you a firm independent picture of our readership – the only one dedicated to just Wrexham and the surrounding area!

We have been organically growing our site and reputation over the last three years, serving over 24,000,000 pageviews to people interested in what is happening around us.

Partnering with will allow your message to be accessed by thousands of people every day, and will help support a local independent website to grow what we do.



Data from Google shows our main audience is aged 25-34, with 45% female readers. Twitter sampling shows 80% of our social audience do not follow another Wrexham specific media outlet.

Our audience is focused to those who live and work in Wrexham and the surrounding area. Data shows this includes people from Chester to Oswestry, and Ruthin to Nantwich.


Benchmarking shows we are the most engaged with social media presence, with our website being a key method of consuming our popular @Wrexham twitter account.

As over 80% of our readers return time and time again, giving you the opportunity to build your brand, promote offers and reinforce your messages via display adverts. This figure shows we are not showing generic content to the entire internet, rather relevant content to the people of Wrexham and the surrounding area.

Engaged has the areas most vibrant and engaged social media with over 22,000 genuine followers on Twitter and post reaches of over 100,000 people on Facebook and our Vine account had 400 followers before we had even published any content!


Despite popular demand we do not offer paid social posts, so no matter how much money you offer we wont tweet something for you. We want to make your advertising work for you, and spamming peoples feeds is not something we do, rather make our site the focal point.

Display Advertising Options

We offer custom advertising and partnership opportunities on , with the below being the sizes on offer, and where they are able to be located on the website!



Further Partnership Options

We have successfully run several non-display partnerships, including informational content plans, affiliate based lead generation, new shop openings and competitions.

Site section sponsorship and specific relevant topic area content creation is also possible.

With a background in internet marketing and development we can advise on areas that could be relevant or worth exploring alongside your brand, product or service and

Rate Card


Your advert can be placed on with relevant click through from as little as £25 a week.

We do not sell on a pay per click or cost per thousand impressions basis, preferring a simpler calendar month slot bookings priced at a set fee for 25% share of that slot view. This also helps prevent advert ‘burn out’ when we get traffic spikes, preferring to work with local businesses on a wider promotional opportunity rather than penalise for success!

Worked Example: If you were to book a month slot of the ‘Article Stripe’ for £25 a week it would be in rotation with up to four other similar adverts. In May 2015 such an advert would have been shown well over 100,000 times to a local targeted audience.

Our site is split into three main sections for advertising, with the Frontpage, Article pages and Forums. This allows a range of opportunities with 250×250 Box Advert pricing starting from just £37 a week.

Creation Costs: Graphical ad units can be created by us for £35 per advert, with three changes possible during the design process. There are no ‘setup costs’ or similar, with our pricing reflecting our lean digital operation to provide you with the best value promotional opportunity in the local area.

Request Further Information:

Please get in touch with us using the form below and one of us will get back to you to discuss advertising and possible partnerships – or you can use the online booking system further down this page!

Book An Advert

You can book an advert using our online booking form, which will setup an ongoing payment and reservation for an advert in the specified slot for a minimum of 25% share of view.

Some ad slots are not possible to be booked via this system, and for further information on other opportunities please email or call us on 01978 288 288

The process is simple:
– Book & pay for the advert you want.
– We will get in touch to confirm the booking and request or create the artwork.
– Your ad goes live and stays live until you decide to stop it! Graphics and links can be updated throughout the booked period!

Click here to access our online booking and payment form!