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Read 1,101,995 times in last 30 days * (est. 2011) is a site about Wrexham and the surrounding area. This covers our own sourced news, community views, features and highlights. It also means we have guides for visitors, information about the history of the town plus forums and social media interactivity pulling in everything that is Wrexham related.

The site is curated by Wrexhamites, and is run from an office in the town centre. We are not bound by geography or sales areas – if its relevant to people in and around Wrexham we will run with it. We publish any and all the time, snippets via twitter or fuller stories via the site. We are not funded by the council, government, or part of a larger media organisation our simple aim is to be sustainable, independent and genuinely useful to Wrexham.

Several thousand people a day read, and several thousand more are interacting & engaging via social media be it our @wrexham twitter account, Facebook, our forums or other areas. We love Wrexham and we know there are people who share our view out there. Wrexhamites have a knack of being a tad cynical at times, but also have immense skill and knowledge. We see loads of what is good, and what is bad, about the area and we want to help you tell the stories that are out there.

We love our gadgets and have setup new webcams to show off the town to the world. We also have a first for Wrexham in a tweeting weather station, various webcams and fuel updates!

Our first ever news story was on February 7th 2011, it was about a sheep rescue in the Dee! We didnt really kick off until June 2011, doing roughly a story a day. This rose through March and April 2012 until we took the plunge and opened a full time office in Wrexham town centre . In the first 6 months we served 150,000 pages to over 45,000 unique readers, it took three months to reach that in 2012. In May 2012 we smashed the 100,000 pageviews mark, and by August had doubled it again going over the 200,000+ mark.

We have had our content syndicated worldwide, with articles and pictures used in as diverse publications from Haaretz to the Daily Mail. What is pleasing is we often see stuff appear in print & online days and even months after we cover it – sometimes credited! We have had our stories end up as frontpage news for local papers such as the Leader & Daily Post.

Our local election coverage was unique in its depth, providing the first look at the candidates in a human readable format, to sending paper questionnaires to every single candidate!  On election day itself we started our live coverage at 08:45 and provided updates throughout until 02:01! This included live pictures and video from the count, plus live full results in a service unrivalled in depth!

This single ‘snow update’ page was viewed over 59,000 times on the 22nd of March 2013, while a stand off in the town centre (report here) saw over 100,000 reads of our coverage.

October 14th 2013 saw us serving our 5,000,000th page since we began, with both previous quarters serving over a million page views each.

Just after midnight on the 24th of January 2014 we ticked over the 7,000,000 pages read mark, with a busy week including the now infamous 99p Store ‘Bedlam’ story that we live tweeted & broke – which ended up going worldwide!

Due to the nature of news we dont always get to have fun days, however we are becoming respected as a source for breaking news often before other local , regional or national news cover it. Even when they do, as in the case of Sky News reporting a plane crash outside of the town , we were first on the scene. We were the first news outlet to cover April Jones going missing in Machynlleth, hoping that the early awareness would help. Likewise when the UK’s media descended on Erddig after the sad deaths of two local people we were the first to report live, so much so that major outlets such as the Daily Mail initially used our report word for word. Our live update pages for major stories have become very popular, with our flood coverage pages here & here being good examples.

More positively we have also broken national news such as the huge fireball that lit up the UK skies, which almost took our site down as so many were trying to verify they had seen something!

Being in and from the town means we often come across things in passing or respond quicker – for example we love the Anise so walking from there into town we found a car embedded in the side of Halfords!

We encourage everyone to get involved, be it news tips, local interest groups, performers or personal stories!

This manifests itself via regular contributors who have an area of speciality or interest , or by people who get in touch when they see things go on in or around town. This can be from people who see incidents on a night out, to people on trains tweeting us and helping others avoid delays!

We are keen to develop our network of contributors so if you want to explore what can be done then please get in touch!

We are quite chatty so people drop us a line using the details below. We want to help get stories out there, raise awareness, bump abit of PR where appropriate or partner to help out where we can.

We prefer emails to however feel free to post (or pop in!) to :
The Foundry
15 Yorke St
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If you want to give us a bell ring 01978 288 288 !

Or drop us a tweet: @wrexham

Or visit this page which outlines various other ways and forms to get in touch with us!

The website is published by Wrexham Dotcom Limited , a company registered in England & Wales number 08029052.

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