Paul Ashton – Abolish the Welsh Assembly – Wrexham General Election 2024

This is a candidate page for the Wrexham constituency – the full list of candidates are: Paul Ashton, Sarah Atherton, Charles Dodman, Becca Martin, Andrew Ranger, Tim Sly, Tim Morgan.

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Answers to the Q&A…

1. What is the top issue you feel the people of Wrexham will want you to represent them on, and what is your position on it?

The economy, we need to stop waging war on poor people and wage a war on the causes of poverty.
Nearly 8000 (7853) children in Wrexham are living in poverty, that equates to 26.7% of youngsters in the county.

2. Cost of living is up, mortgages are up, food prices are up, energy costs are up, rent is up – all with inflation still increasing. What can you practically do as an MP to help people in Wrexham with this in the future?

Promote inward investment to the area, we have one of the biggest industrial estates in Wales and it needs to be made bigger and better creating local well paid jobs.
Support the most in need by calling for stability in the government with long term plans for a better future, not just one year a head or until the next election.
In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to ashamed of.
And I am ashamed that people need to use food banks in this country.

3. Social housing waiting lists are high, private home ownership is more and more unattainable with people in their 20s and 30s still living at home with their parents. In your view, how can this be resolved?

Build more social and private affordable houses.

4. Young people are often an afterthought during election cycles and after years of disrupted education, along with closure of youth facilities and lack of mental health support. What do you think needs to be put into place to support them?

Support excellent education. the most important unsolved problem in education is discovering and releasing the maximum potential of each child. we need poets, doctors, businessmen ,as well as scientists and engineers, the list goes on
If we discover what children have in them early enough ,we’ll have more than enough of everything to make this a great country.

5. Health is devolved, but there is a link to Westminster and England in many ways. People are waiting longer for GP appointments, hospital waiting times have risen, staff are poorly paid and overworked. In your opinion, how do you think the issues in the NHS need addressing?

A full and transparent Royal commission for 12 months into health and social care provision for all of the UK, to feed its findings to Parliament, not one person or party has the answer to this problem.

6. How do you think climate change will affect Wrexham in the future, and what as a local MP can you do on the matter?

With all the information available I don’t believe that C02 is an major issue, Net zero will only make people colder and poorer.

7. Do you think migration is a big issue to the people of Wrexham, and if so, why? Summarise your views.

No migration is not a big issue in Wrexham, we have a strong history in the county of welcoming people from other countries, especially the Polish community.
But I believe in a controlled migration policy for the whole of the UK at low and sustainable levels on a points based system.

8. What are your views on the current devolution arrangements from Westminster to Cardiff, and what change if any, would you support?

Devolution has failed the people of Wales, I am sorry to say after 25 years of mismanagement things have only got worse, Health and Social care, Education, Local Government funding ,Housing, Transport / roads and agriculture.
If elected as your MP I would have no say on these issues as they are all devolved to the Senedd.
I would support abolishing the Senedd and return powers to Westminster whomever is the government and call for a referendum for the people of Wales to put an end to this debacle.

9. What is your view on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and what future path would you like the UK Parliament to take?

Fully support the current position and measures being taken and would support this until Russia’s invasion has been stopped.

10. Finally, it feels trust in politics is at an all time low. How will you rebuild that trust, and why should voters put their faith in you?

I am a man of honesty, integrity and independence of mind, and putting myself forward to serve all the people of Wrexham.
You may not agree with everything I have said in these questions but these are my beliefs and I will never forget : one man’s right is another man’s wrong.

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