Posted: Thu 20th Jun 2024

Ruthin Road set for football parking as Wrexham explores how to cope with future huge stadium capacity for people living in or visiting the Wrexham area

Wrexham is starting to explore how it will handle many tens of thousands of people visiting the Stok Cae Ras.

One such project is due before councillors in the coming weeks as existing car parks and spaces are being examined to be dynamically repurposed to help support the flagship redevelopment project.

Wrexham Council’s Executive Board are set to consider a report that could see the WCBC Ruthin Road Housing Depot car park site used for potential weekend match day parking.

Further details are due to be released in the coming weeks, but the 135 car parking space area could be used as extra match day parking for the Racecourse stadium that is only 950 meters away as the crow flies.

Those going on foot would make a slightly longer journey, but there is also scope for shuttle buses, or if reserved for club staff only use a dedicated transport arrangement.

Prior to the existing Kop redevelopment planning permission being granted the issue of match day parking was a hot topic locally, and looks likely to come around again with new plans afoot as Wrexham looks to adjust to having a huge capacity stadium less than a mile from the centre of town.

As we reported local concerns were noted around the large increase in the number of fans due to attend, with the development potentially meaning an extra 636 away attendance on average, and another 5,724 home fans on average – a total increase of 6,360 fans a game.

The club acknowledged the related feedback: “While there was overwhelming support, some raised match day parking and the impact this has on residents as an issue.

“Notwithstanding that the Club is satisfied that the Match Day Access Strategy that supports the planning application is robust, the Club have committed to create a ‘Matchday Forum’ with local councillors and representative groups to establish what improvements can be made, irrespective of the planning proposals.”

The Kop consultation exercise highlighted parking issues with a range of measures being ‘considered’ – again as reported at the time, including promoting active travel to the stadium, ‘provision of puncture repair kits / cycle maintenance training’ and encouraging staff to liftshare or move to more sustainable green alternatives.

Another option that ‘could’ be considered is “Football Match Parking Zones”, described as “additional protection” for nearby communities, which could see “the introduction of bespoke residential parking passes for residents and other permitted users (such as disabled supporters)”.

Parking issues were also noted from Offa Community Council, with a summary of their feedback and requests stating “…that on match days, the existing current level of additional on-street parking is putting enormous pressure on local residents in the immediate vicinity of the grounds. Suggests that a residents’ parking scheme is required to be delivered preferably outside of the planning process and if this is not achievable then it should be conditioned as part of any planning approval.”

Parking was a large focus of the full debate that saw the Kop plans passed.

The parking debate is set to come around again with the club confirming this week the stadium plans were being ‘reassessed‘, with a new planning application expected for a bigger and better Kop stand in all senses, along with a clearer direction set on the wider stadium redevelopment that could see a low to mid xx,xxx seater stadium eventually emerge.

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