Residents Complain Over Travellers At Alyn Waters

On Sunday we were first to report that travellers had gained access and set up camp in Alyn Waters in Llay.

At around 10pm on Sunday evening around 20 vehicles arrived and set up camp at Alyn Waters. As of Tuesday evening we have been informed that around 20 vehicles are still parked on the site next to the football pitches. You can read our initial report here.

Over the past few days we have received a number of complaints from residents about the condition of the pitches and the mess that is being left around the area.

We have also heard reports of what looks like ‘human excrement’ and toilet roll on the path through Alyn Waters. There are also concerns about the litter that has been left on site, with Shaun Griffiths tweeting us this picture of some beer cans that had been left on the field.

Litter Alyn Waters

One dog walker told us that she felt intimidated to walk past with her three dogs, while another dog owner said her dog was confused that they couldn’t use the route they usually follow.

Initially there were concerns that the travellers had set up camp on the newly ‘lined’ football pitches. When popped down yesterday afternoon, we saw that they are parked just around the pitches. However they do appear to have been driven over.

Llay YFC have tweeted us a picture of damage that has appears to have been caused by vehicles driving across the grass.

Llay Pitch

Yesterday Wrexham Council issued the following statement: “The encampment is an unauthorised encroachment on to our land but it is not illegal for somebody to do this. However, given the scale of the encroachment we are hoping to take early legal action to remedy the issue.”


There is an ongoing discussion on our forums regarding the travellers setting up camp on Alyn Waters. You can join in with the discussion here

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