Police Launch Crackdown On Illegal Parking At Chirk Car Boot Sale

Police and council officials are set to launch a tough crackdown on bargain hunters parking illegally at Chirk Car Boot Sale.

North Wales Police said that illegal parking at the popular Sunday morning boot sale has become an increasing problem as motorists continue to ignore warnings.

Pictures released by police show the shocking extent of the illegal parking.

Both NWP officers and council officials will be out in force this weekend and are planning to take a no nonsense approach by handing out fines to any offenders.

Local Inspector Nick Evans of North Wales Police said: “A lot of drivers display a total disregard and ignorance for other road users. When they abandon their cars on pavements or grass verges they not only obstruct the free flow of traffic on a very busy road but more worryingly they cause a hazard obstructing a clear view for other motorists and obstruct pedestrian’s right of way which could lead to a collision and injury.

“A photograph captured recently clearly shows how a mother and her baby were forced to the edge of a pavement due to some thoughtless individual. Over the last few weeks we have taken a ‘softly softly’ approach using PCSOs and council officials to gently warn and advise motorists. This will now change and those who park illegally will be fined.”

Inspector Evans said that as of Sunday there will be an ongoing schedule of enforcement at the car boot sale on Ley Farm, Halton near Chirk and that anyone who flouts the law will receive little sympathy from his staff.

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