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    Councillor David Bithell is surprised by the state of the bins on Yorke Street! Well they have causing issues for well over a decade! Surprisingly Offa Community Council ( who have representatives on the County Council) have shown no determination to get the problem solved either. Will the impending Council Elections influence progress?



    It’s the same by the Parish Church gates and the footpath along the side of the church.



    We are in the running for *hitty Status.



    I hope that when they build all these new houses & flats that provision is made for bins. It is awful for visitors to St Giles to see all the bins lined up.



    My God, I can think of a multitude of more pressing problems in Wrexham town centre than a few bins left out on the street.
    I’d rather that than the reprobates hanging round on every street corner.


    Councillor X

    Councillor David Bithell is surprised by the state of the bins on Yorke Street? Where has he been until now? Oh no, he knew about it all along because it was part of the Next stage of town improvements announced – including new bin storage on Yorke Street in 2019.

    This has been a problem for a very long time because i used to see it when i left a specialist magazine and video shop that used to be across the road from it. And when Mrs Councillor X requested that i leave after coming home drunk and trailing dog mess over the carpet, i stayed with donkey Dan in those apartments (2013?) and he had to go to wheelie bins on the Yorke Street pavement on bin day.

    City of culture, would be city of vultures if they lived here.

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    Totally astonished that anyone from the Council is spoken as if this is new – perhaps next time Council members and Officers need to borrow a pair of glasses so they can find their way to Specsavers. At least at nearly evet Planning Committee meeting where a town centre application was being discussed Cllr Alun Jenkins raised concerns about bin storage and on every occasion he has been shot down.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Councillor Bithell says ” “What we’ve got to be mindful of is that we can’t be responsible as a council for everything that happens on private land and private property.”

    When exactly did Yorke Street, Temple Row, College Street and Abbot Street become private property? I hadn’t realized I have been trespassing all these years.

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