Wrexham MP votes against Farmers and Food Standards.

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    Sarah Atherton MP votes as per the headline. Against our farming, food and animal welfare standards. Which? says:

    Here’s Carrie Harper:

    Bad luck, Wrexham farmers and consumers.



    From appearances the local MP basically votes unquestioningly in the way the whips tell her to do so without any regard or consideration for the impact it could have on constituents in her ward.

    If you look at Chinese or even North Korean politics the loyal party members always vote as they are told to do so, or they disappear. In this case, there is no danger of any wavering from Atherton because she is indoctrinated through and through and is subsequently rewarded by constantly being allowed to push through military related agendas in parliament and be involved on committees on defence to make her feel important.

    Even though the vast majority of her constituents do not support spending on military costs, especially during peacetime and with no current perceived military threat from anywhere. Costs that she should be championing to be spent on social welfare instead. To help North Wales there needs to be less money spent on tanks so that the worst off can be less reliant on food banks.

    In terms of food standards and the like, much like the current Covid crisis, the death in slow motion actions of Brexit are not being carefully considered and the Lads Club our Prime Minister is currently running means that whoever can beat their chest loudest gets to push across their agenda, which is forever getting even more patchwork and contradictory. In complete ignorance of any expert, academic or scientific advice we are heading towards a full scale disaster on all fronts. Oh and the likes of Atherton and Patel are basically ladettes who are equally party to such stupid Bullingdon type mentality.

    We are effectively Rubber Ducked. As for the opposition – Starmer the Abstainer he would make a great doorstop.



    How did Simon Baynes vote for South Wrexham as he has more farmers in his constituency than Sarah Atherton



    Baynes voted the same way Atherton like the loyal silent nodding dog that he is.

    SNP MP wins the night as Tories vote to strip safeguards over food standards from Agriculture Bill

    It is worth noting that 14 Tories did rebel and vote the opposite way, so clearly an opportunity to show scruples on an important issue was not taken by our local MPs in this case.


    Ioan y Ffin

    It is very unusual for newly elected MPs (govt or opposition)to rebel – they are still saying ‘thank you’ to the party chiefs for giving them the ticket of a lifetime by choosing them as a parliamentary candidate and backing them (however dull and unoriginal they may be – the latter often being seen as qualities). Belief in Boris Johnson’s policies especially on Brexit is ideological rather than empirical so concerns about hormone beef, food standards and livestock farmers’ livelihoods washes off them like the bugs when the chickens are passed through the chlorine ‘bath’.

    It is four years until the next general election, the UK govt is generally ahead in the polls. don’t forget although 2020 has been one long UK govt shambles, the first year is always a honeymoon for most new governments, and voters don’t like to admit they were taken for fools this early on in the electoral cycle. If the UK carries on as it is into 2021 and 2022, and more importantly 2023, these new MPs will start to feel the heat, see their majorities shrinking (even vanishing) and an impending ejection from the gravy train. then it will be a case of stick to their ideological or careerist guns or a desperate attempt to get the government to change tack or even direction in order to satisfy the rising chorus of complaints from constituents. we shall see.



    This is brexit, if you voted for it, you want it.

    Don`t complain now, own it.




    I completely agree with your comments, but you need to dumb it down. I will help…..

    Labour spend to much and fuck up country gdp,

    Tories have to balance books so therefore they are satan.

    Looking forward to reading how Boris is thatcher etc etc etc, when in covid the tories are basically red. Minus, they want you to actually have a job or business before they pay you.

    Looking forward to the response, as I’m not the usual posh toff. I grew up in a labour house, and then got a degree in international politics from Uni of Liverpool. So, if you vote red, blue, yellow or Plaid, how would you suggest our leaders do better than they are right (i vote blue, but include how the Welsh Parliamnet has done in this)now in this current shit show?



    That doesn’t ‘help,’ actually.

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