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    RDx – The Wetherspoons App isn’t a Wrexham innovation it is nationwide but looking at the headlines today you can stick in Fears that Wrexham council estates could become “anti-social behaviour hotspots in one of your boxes.



    So I hear that there was some seriously desperate Yes voting on the poll from somewhere to get validation to go through with the bid. That’s normal behaviour.



    Rumours of a Full Council Special Meeting to be called to discuss City Status. Could it be the Executive Board are getting cold feet to make that decision?

    I do hope that if the vote is taken by the Full Council, then votes by each individual councillor are recorded.

    I feel that strongly against City Status that if my local councillor voted for, they would never again have my vote if they seek re-election next May.



    Lets have City status, whats not to like!



    WCBC are unable to run a market town, never mind a city. Jobs for the boys comes to mind. Put their energy and time into making a difference to our town instead of a money wasting City Status project.


    Councillor X

    Wrexham City Council already exists just google it

    Heart Radio with that gorgeous Amanda Holdon call it a City

    Refuse Vehicle Solution Provides Wrexham Council with the refuse-vehicle-solution-…
    7 days ago — “It is very encouraging to support a forward-thinking local authority like Wrexham City Council with this innovative solution, …

    and then does the footy club become Wrexham City AFC?

    City status will mean we need a load of new signs too.



    So gaining City status will not cost anything!!

    “We also asked about the new costs associated with a successful city status bit, Mr Bancroft replied, “There are no costs that we envisage that we have to undertake. We don’t have to necessarily rebrand, that’s our choice in terms of whether we want to do that. So all those decisions are independent, again, of city status, there is not a requirement to spend money as a result of city status happening.”

    No rebranding costs
    No promotion and marketing costs
    No increase in salary levels (make your own mind up whether areas that have a city command higher salary!)https://www.taxpayersalliance.com/town_hall_rich_list_2021
    No costs to keep the street clear of rough sleepers



    Looking at the 10 benefits from City status they are more like “ 10 benefits you would get from a proactive council!” And I could not see anything about how it will help anti poverty, as asked for at “ the village hall meeting!”

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