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    Plenty of money for fripperies, talking bins and lots of new yellow paint for parking restrictions around town. With residents facing huge utility price increases and inflation at over 5% surely the Council should be only spending on a “needs” basis. Watch out for the familiar big rates rise in April! Or maybe not this year because the Elections will follow in May!



    How many more failed projects to spend money on?
    Wrexham Council, late to the party and no understanding.
    Many years ago we had active bus signage, it purported to be real time but, unlike other towns it was just a timetable so caused more confusion than help. Showing buses that didn’t exist.
    Even a decade or so of being off line all these signs appear to be still consuming electricity.
    What a waste!
    Now the new signage data is switched off, but the screens consuming power!
    Why is that, is there no one capable of keeping it up to date?

    The WiFi project, years late and ill-conceived.
    Showing a complete lack of understanding of what was going on in the real world.
    Numerous shop, and bars, already had free WiFi and data to mobiles was becoming more affordable.

    Let’s get the basics sorted, a decent bus service – with reliable timetables – amongst many other things, before going into things that aren’t understood by those making the decisions.



    All the smart town/city projects that have been planned worldwide tend to get scrapped. Even Google backed ones. So not sure why Wrexham feels it can succeed where others have failed. Especially as it has a history of failing with even the most basic of smart projects.

    However, having said that, maybe the talking lamp posts idea has some legs in it. Think about it. Local spice addicts heading out to find their next fix, suddenly a lamp post starts talking to them, and now they are thinking maybe they have already had their fix and they don’t take any spice after all.



    I see the council are putting down a cycle path and a walking path on the old railway line in Rhostyllen in front of the new houses on the old foundry they have been working on it for 2 weeks already and I can see them being there for another month.How much is that costing?I go for another 7% rise in council tax as that is now the normal and we never protest about anything just the odd moan.



    That is so funny! Just one question what is the purpose of a talking bin or lamp post?



    You may get more sense out of a talking lamp post and bin.

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