Wrexham councillors set for pay rise of almost five per cent

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    Councillor X

    Years ago i would say yes to more pay for Councillors but the self serving load we have now, i wouldn’t pay a tuppence to.

    We have a new woman Councillor and before the elections she was up my ar5e telling me what she would do about problems by me. She came around a few times and i fell for it. She has done 5hit all and the problems got worse. Now she won’t respond to messages.

    I think it was Ghandi who said the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. These Councillors are lost!



    Don’t forget the 16% rise last year so total increase is 21% in two years!! Anyone else getting that sort of increase?



    Thought they had no money.



    Proposed £47,740 for the Mayor and Deputy, plus a mayoral vehicle to take them to every function and more than likely dress allowance on top. We are not short of money.



    Its all a big joke.

    Due to tight Government budgets and the cost of living crisis, councils are telling local residents that festive events are not justifiable.

    As Wrexham.com has previously reported there is a £800m hole in local council budgets predicted over the next three years, if things do not change. Energy costs and inflation means there is an in-year shortfall of over £250m.

    So Wrexham Council have no money but there is a “Magical event planned for Wrexham’s Christmas lights switch on”



    It is ok council tax will be going up by 12% to pay for the extra wages,street lighting etc and to pay for all the new City signage which is already on order.


    Wrexham ITK

    Given that inflation is running at 10% this is a real terms pay cut



    How about introducing performance related pay for Councillors?
    You do f.. all, you get paid f… all.

    Money for old rope for most of them!

    If you want the salary……….earn it, by putting Wrexham before your pocket.



    A 21% pay increase over two years is certainly not a pay cut. Nurses and care workers deserve better pay, but are never going to get 21% over two years. What qualifications do members of this Renumeration Panel have? They say their decisions are “evidence based” where is the evidence that more money has given us better Councillors?

    Every year you have the same reaction from Councillors ,” well we are forced to take the increase “ No you are not , Alan Jenkins refused to accept it for years.



    Cllr Wright is quoted as saying “That in some cases the salary is the only source of income for some councillors, and the income pushes them over the threshold if they needed to claim benefits.”

    Dear Cllr Wright, I live on my government pension alone, why can’t a councillor? If a councillor’s income is solely the only income, I suggest they get a proper job.

    I feel so sorry for the poor ……

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