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    [quote quote=127939]I’m disappointed with Cllr Hugh Jones’ continual attempts to deflect the issue with claims that the pictures are out of date. You only have to go anywhere near the College, the bus station or Lord Street any day of the week to see that the pictures shown in the national media are pretty much exactly what is happening today.


    Cllr Hugh Jones is not here as mentioned, however Inspector Wycherley says : “I have just walked through the bus station, spoken to security and the coffee shop proprietors, a pensioner, bus drivers and all have said the situation is improving. There is more to do but I am up for the challenge.


    R T

    [quote quote=127940]

    question to Hugh and the Police Representative.

    Since the changes around the Post House Rounadabout I see vehicles on the 483 ignoring red lights on an almost daily basis at the junction of the 483 and 5445 (Wrexham Road) and going straight through, in fact my wife was nearly hit by an HGV going through after a red light had been set for several seconds. In addition there are a huge number still using mobiles, could the police put a vehicle on the lights occasionally to catch some of the persistent offendors and also make people more aware?

    IW: That is actually Cheshire Police location, and if you dial 101 and ask for Cheshire Police they will help you.

    excellent sloping shoulders there, I’ll hope if there’s a major accident there you don’t pass the buck in the same way


    IW: I am not sloping. This is not in my policing area. If you want to send your details through to my colleagues in Cheshire on your behalf I will do so.



    [quote quote=127928]W: I gathered that, and that is a shame. If you want to come in to Wrexham Police Station and have a cup of tea with me and discuss why you have lost faith in the police, here is an open invitation.[/quote]

    Thanks for the invitation.

    I am sorry but I have to say I feel ashamed to tell people I come from Wrexham.
    It used to be a great town with great people. Now it is the Pitts
    These undesirables make me so angry


    R T

    [quote quote=127943]

    From a comment on facebook it would appear that the security cameras at the bus station are faulty, the lack of response without calls from the public seems to confirm this.
    If it is the case how long has this been the case and when are repairs likely to be completed?

    The previous answer was referred to by both IW / HJ.

    Not actually answered.
    It wasn’t a general question about the system.
    Are they working in the bus station.
    Just my observations that if they are working, in the bus station, why is there no response when there are people directly under the cameras causing problems to the public?

    As for the upgrades, was that along with the non existent street WiFi, supposedly to be active last Sept – 12 months late?


    We highlighted this again to IW in terms of is the CCTV working in the bus station – who says ‘It is working as recently as this morning’.


    R T

    That has taken us about 10 minutes over the time so we will wrap up there – we hope we have covered / asked the questions or samples of similar questions as well as possible.

    I will sneak in one final question though from me, as is now tradition with these Q&As, on the ‘bubble match’… I have just asked if it is still going to be a bubble for Wrexham v Chester, and what the situation is?


    R T

    [quote quote=127948]
    I will sneak in one final question though from me, as is now tradition with these Q&As, on the ‘bubble match’… I have just asked if it is still going to be a bubble for Wrexham v Chester, and what the situation is?

    IW (who is getting kitted back up to leave) says: My understanding is that Wrexham have a chance of making the playoffs…

    If the fixture is to take place next season north wales police and cheshire police and the two clubs will meet before the season starts to discuss the security arrangements for all fixtures and we will be guided by what the clubs tell us.



    Laughing about IW stating no problems in the bus station when he walked through there. Maybe he should do it on a day when he hasn’t increased patrols in the area.
    It’s a shame a lot of responses are just deflections and not answers A career in politics awaits I think.



    Do we now have Police that have ben trained by Paul Daniels doing magic shows with the undesirables — Now you see them Now you don’t just like magic
    Bit obvious really – see someone with Police on their florescent jacket and the undesirables are off down the road – to another location they have nit disappeared from the town.
    Moving people from the bus station area or any part of the town centre does not solve the underlying issue that these people need help to get back to some normality. Not one answer today from Police or Cllr Hugh Jones was about identifying solutions for the individuals or resources for treatment.



    I’m actually rather impressed that Inspector Wycherley has not only turned up, he’s stayed, answered all of the questions and offered to meet anyone with concerns.

    You’d never have got any of that from that clown Brunstrom.

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