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    Is there any reason why a ‘London Transport’ bus is being used to promote the City of Culture bid? Surely an old Crosville bus would be more fitting for celebrating the culture of Wrexham rather than importing the culture of a city several hundred miles away. It’s not like it’s promoting to dumb Americans or anything.

    What has a London bus got to do with the culture of Wrexham?



    I think what would be more fitting would be the reintroduction of the bus route that served Borras, Garden Village and Rhosddu that was discontinued a few years ago.

    As for the red bus, I was expecting Cliff Richard in a revival of Summer Holiday.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Perhaps the bus is being branded for the City of Culture bid and that wouldn’t be possible on an historic Crosville bus? Anyone rocking up with a bunch of vinyls to stick on the paintwork of a classic bus would get short shrift from the owners!!


    AMA Express

    Probably using the same logic that a London Transport bus is used for the run from Llangollen to the top of the Horseshoe Pass. It works.



    Maybe they couldn’t find a bandwagon..



    What about Boris’s NHS lie bus???? I am sure he would lend it to his chums at WCBC. They could use the space for any little fib they felt like. Go on Cllr Pritchard, you know you want to…..

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