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    Potentially looking at a job in Manchester, I do drive but was wondering if anyone uses a mix of public transport/park and ride/trams etc and driving to get there and back quicker/easier?



    Driving can be difficult which ever way you choose M56, M60 M62 are all subject to delays with early morning and late evening can be horrendous. By rail from Wrexham would require two changes one at Chester and the other being Crewe. Journey time about 90 minutes.
    What I would suggest is drive to Whitchurch station, catch the Cardiff Manchester train, an excellent service takes about 65 minutes to Manchester Piccadilly, return same way.
    I think the first train to Manchester out of Whitchurch is 0704 and arrives Manchester at about 0805 hrs. Car parking at Whitchurch station is free, whilst I believe at Chester is at least £5 per day. Distance Whitchurch is approximately 15 miles say travel time 30 minutes, and no need to go through the town, station can be reached via by pass.
    As I have family now living in Manchester I visit frequently, if driving I go at off peak times, however, I have experienced journey times varying between 90 minutes and the worst being 4 hours. If meeting in the city I always go by train, quick and straight into the city centre, plus no car parking charges, which unless your future employer provides car park space is costly.



    There’s an hourly train from Chester to Manchester (airport), plus another one which takes the slow route via Stockport. I didn’t think the connections with the Wrexham trains were that great though and there was a bit of a wait a Chester, but people do do this commute by train so it can’t be that bad.
    Your best bet might be to drive to Helsby or Frodsham and catch the train from there.

    I used to park and pedal to various locations near Manchester, but not into the city centre itself. Ok in the summer but not so much in the winter.



    I commute to Birkenhead, not a bad run apart from the posthouse roundabout. If I notice any traffic news before I set off its usually M56 this M56 that. Don’t think I’d want to commit to driving that route twice daily.



    I used to commute Wrexham – MCR. Avoid driving (too much gridlock especially if working in the city centre). The 56 is usually backed up to Stockport unless anything has changed recently. Other approaches are usually backed up too. When you hit the city centre there’s yet another layer of congestion.

    Train is just as bad to be honest. You can go Wrexham > Chester > Manchester Piccadilly (city centre) or go via Crewe. Both take about the same amount of time if the trains match up (1h20 ish) but on the return leg there’s an additional 20 minute wait. Also most of the trains are absolutely rammed at rush hour.

    Not sure about driving then taking a train, might be worth a shot. Go to Stockport and get a train. Or maybe Altrincham and get the metrolink. The metro is frequent and usually pretty good service.

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