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    First, well done Wrexham.com for the very good article on how the funding formula works at calculating the settlement for Local Authorities.

    One of the formula factors seems to be population growth – something that would generate more funds, yet it is also something Wrexham have fought against.

    A factor that runs alongside of this settlement is the amount of Business Rates that will be coming to Wrexham as this is a clear indication of economic growth- this is likely to go down in the near future as the retail sector gets recalculated – downward to help support High Streets. The negative impact will be reduced funding so how will the Council be compensated.

    The Public Political spat is inevitable on this issue- whether Councillor Pritchard was or was not at a particular meeting seems irrelevant as one individual would have no influence on a very Labour controlled WLGA – not least he nor any of the other Council Leaders actually have the final say.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Whatever the average settlement, some councils are bound to receive a below average settlement.
    The comments on the settlement divided on party lines so none of us are the wiser as to the true state of affairs.
    However a Welsh Government chucking vasts amounts of cash at an airport while simultaneously proclaiming a climate emergency is intellectually incoherent and politically confused.

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