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    331 Tory MPs voted last night against weekly testing of NHS and care staff even though the Royal College of Nursing said it was “critical” that weekly testing take place.
    No surprise that Ms Atherton, MP for Wrecsam, voted against the weekly testing.



    Care Homes should have the freedom to test staff and residents whenever they feel the need, this would be reassuring for everyone who has a family member who is resident in one.



    Shocking really, seeing as Sarah Atherton apparently “put load of shifts in” at the Maelor during the pandemic.

    Why wouldn’t you want NHS and care home staff to stay safe and limit spread if they get infected when they are on the front line of the crisis? It makes no sense whatsoever. What the hell was the point of all that weekly clapping if they won’t support them when it really counts. Pathetic token gesturing.

    No doubt someone will excuse her actions, like that she’s new or they’ll explain away the pandemic or tell us to pipe down and respect her just because of her position.

    Playing fast and loose with people’s lives is a terrible democratic position to take, no matter what party you are from.


    Have they said why they voted against the weekly test for the staff.



    Seems bizarre to vote against protecting your own, and your work colleagues, health!
    Has anyone who has worked with her at the Maelor asked why she voted that way?
    In fact, has anybody worked with her at the Maelor, what role is she taking when on duty?



    Voted against it because it was as usual just a political stunt by labour to gain a few headlines. She and probably all voted against it because they are in favour of NHS staff testing policy as advised by the Chief Medical Officer, rather than Labour’s approach, which lacked any real detail and was as usual just political.

    Reading the motion, no ideas on costing, or the practical problems associated with blanket testing weekly, no scientific evidence on the merits of testing and what it will achieve, absolutely nothing of any substance, just ‘vote for it because it will gain us a few headlines and discredit the government.

    It does not work like that and Labour knows quite well how it works, but as usual from them rather than help, let’s just hinder.

    The Shadow Health Secretary said in his opening remarks that Labour wanted weekly testing of NHS staff, “if necessary”.
    “Well, regular testing, including weekly testing if it is deemed necessary, is essentially what the current government policy is and that’s because it is the clinically-informed approach not an attempt to mislead to suit an agenda.

    Drakeford and his merry men have been and continue to be abysmal with their testing regime and they have the audacity to criticise the governments policy.



    Isn’t it strange how some of the most vocal Tory supporters appear to have gone AWOL. No respect for anyone who has such a blinkered outlook.



    Bigbrother – there are no clever words or straw man arguments for them to possibly explain why we shouldn’t be weekly testing NHS staff in a pandemic that’s suffering spikes of outbreaks locally and seeing alarming increases again across the globe.

    Perhaps they should all start the magic life saving weekly hand clap again instead. That’s the best way to protect front line workers. Don’t spend any extra money on testing or PPE equipment.


    Llayby lilly

    Thanks Truthbekniwn for a balanced and accurate post, more that can be expected from “forum loud mouth Matt“, who is happy at distorting the truth to fit his warped ideology.

    Still no apology Matt?




    Well we now know which fence some people sit on – those against the weekly testing clearly think that it is acceptable to have health workers dying from Covid on a weekly basis as they have not ben tested. I assume those of you against any form of testing are saying that health worker deaths are part of the collateral fallout from the epidemic and we all have to accept this will be the case.
    Same on you all – even when there might not be any evidence to cover the full scheme if it saved one life it would be worth it.. and don’t say their is no Science to justify. If you look at Boris’s latest decisions there is science to not do some of his populist moves yet he ignores that.
    Why don’t the Conservatives just come out in the open and say what they regard the acceptable death rate is because some of the current decisions are signing the death certificate for so many people.

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