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    I wonder if our local MP has been to Parliament recently or if there is a cardboard cut-out in the chamber as her latest ‘View from Wrexham Member of Parliament’ as a total absence of any reference about Partygate and the confidence vote against Borris. The article states that she has been engaging with people to get their views – why then has she not given her reason for supporting Boris – was it based on the views of constituents (the people who will vote to either keep her in or boot her out at the next election – assuming the local Conservative Party reselect her).

    Her figures about post Brexit funding coming to Wrexham – is not totally correct as it also includes Denbighshire for the Dee Valley project. The current net loss to Wales is between 18 and 25%.

    Her opening statement of ‘I’ wanted to put Wrexham on the map implies she was instrumental in securing city status- Really!



    Jane, I honestly don’t know how Wrexham managed to survive without her? Before her nobody knew that Wrexham existed and now look at us, with our City centre (just like her beloved Chester) and runner up in city of culture.

    I want to thank her for EVERYTHING and will be renaming my child ‘Sarah Atherton-Athletic’ Jones in tribute to here.
    I think little Timmy will be a bit upset when i tell him but he is in Sixth Form and needs to suck it up!

    Er gwaetha ‘rhen Sarah a’i chriw, byddwn yma hyd ddiwedd amser

    - STAY AT HOME -



    Silence from Ms Atherton and Mr Baunes — wonder how long before they realises there future aspirations with Boris are now over

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