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    Wrexham’s MP says she is “Honoured to welcome the Secretary of State for Wales, Robert Buckland, and the Minister of State for Brexit Opportunities, Jacob Rees-Mogg to Wrexham AFC’s home patch, the Racecourse Ground”

    Sarah, who when elected in 2019, pledged to put Wrexham on the map, won us City status just like Chester but in a debate about Wrexham’s City of Culture 2025 bid, called the football team “Wrexham Athletic Football Club” many times so we never won that one.

    Why did nobody tell us these three were coming to the ground because i would loved to have met the holy trinity. Maybe next time?

    - STAY AT HOME -



    You must be kidding that these three would want to meet any of the electorate. May be disservice to the new Secretary of State as he does seem a different mould. JRM and SS however are old style Conservatives. Been waiting to see if SA say what her role was at the 1922 committee announcement as she was front table also she now seems to have her own little box seat with one other MP on the left by the door when on TV?



    Well I really did believed that ‘Athletic’ could not get any worse. She proved me wrong.
    Sarah is a total supporter of the most corrupt, lying and uncaring Government this county has ever had to endure. Wrexham deserves better.
    I am certain that Sarah, the two Cabinet Ministers and Pritchard, Leader WCBC had a great laugh at the state of Wrexham during their walkabout. How many pound shops? How many charity shops? How many foodbanks? How many on Universal Credit. Oh well done both.
    Sarah has done her bit for stamping down on the ‘Red Wall Voters’. I hope her sycophantic a**e licking gets her the safe Tory seat in England she so craves.
    At least she wont be here to do more harm to Wrexham.

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