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    Yet again the media have looked at Caia and come up with sensational headlines- they are so lazy looking for people who have problems – never balancing with people who have actually managed to get out of the old ‘Caia Park’ mould and have made a go of things. No reference to the very many people who now own their house.

    This is so disrespectful of all the people who are not on benefit street but working and contributing to the community.
    The one thing that is correct though is that the millions that have been spent have made limited impact and people who have ‘made a go’ of things have done so with personal determination.



    Unfortunately “person gets a job and does OK in life” doesn’t sell papers or get clicks.



    The whole shockbait title of the Daily Post article makes no sense whatsoever and must be fake news.

    If the mums in question are able to cover food for their kids, as if they wouldn’t just spend the money they are allegedly spending on energy drinks to increase the food quantity they’re buying to cover their portion as well? And then drink tap water?

    Energy drinks cost £1+

    You can buy lots of basic filling foods that go a long way for quite cheap. Large bags of pasta, Bolognese sauce, a dozen eggs, loaf of bread etc…tins of beans.

    I refuse to believe for a second that anyone is that stupid that they’d fail to budget in this manner. We have several budget food chains around town.

    I acknowledge there’s some very hard up families who will need the food bank & will be starving as a result of extreme hardship. But I refuse to believe anyone is spending money to neck Red Bulls rather than eat food.



    Can’t ever remember The Red Dragon looking this good.

    When did they do it up?



    The poverty threshold in the UK is defined as

    £401 a week for a couple with two children aged between five and 14.
    £297 a week for single parent with two children aged between five and 14.

    That’s more in real Terms than what my Parents had in the Past. Looking back then I grew up in poverty. Brought up on Egg chips and beans and a treat was Vesta Curry from a packet.



    The original Daily Post article is written by someone called Bagnall. So it must be true.

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