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    Head says she was suspended for ‘being honest’ about teachers ‘sat at home doing nothing’

    Opinions on this please, perhaps not currently applicable to Wales as we hopefully are back to school on Monday



    Well done to all the local schools today who have managed to open their doors, our grandchildren both in today for a few hours.
    Not been a brilliant 15 weeks, household Ofsted report will probably show a distinct need for improvement lol, but hopefully we are finally on our way to some education normality.

    As usual Drakeford and Kirsty Williams lapping up any praise going, insignificant pointless pair.



    So children are back in school yet will they stay look at what has happened in Leicester tonight – schools to close — why due to huge outbreak some from within food factories — what are we to expect in next few days here in Wrexham . Brymbo School did not open due to Covid how many more will fall into this category.
    Have Mare Drakford and Kirsty Williams not been following a very cautious pathway to protect children and grandchildren.

    Truthbeknown – are you from over the birder as you refer to Ofsted which does not operate here in Wales we have Estyn



    Not sure where the birder is Jane, but no am firmly this side of the border. As I said well done to all that managed to open. Drakeford and Williams couldn’t follow a pathway if it was lit up with light bulbs.



    What was the actual or particular reason Brymbo did not open ?? You say Covid but why ?? Lack of teachers or Staff.

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    I’m just trying to think what the teachers will whinge about next. They have to be THE biggest whingers going, they really are. Guaranteed they will all think they deserve a pay rise next! Miserable bloody lot!



    Huw, as with in all professions, there are good and bad. Some are there to teach our children and do so with distinction, while other perhaps would be better suited in other employment.

    Happy to say that most of the teachers I have any had contact with are in the first group although they do like a good moan, but don’t we all ?.



    Says Huw having a good whinge.



    What is it about teachers that makes you think they DON’T deserve a payrise Huw?

    Ever taught children in a classroom?

    Ever stood up in front of 30 screaming youngsters and earnt their respect enough to quieten them down for an hour to get through a painstakingly laid out lesson plan that you spent hours on the night before?

    Ever given up most of your evenings and weekends to mark or plan for the next day, when you could be spending time with your own children or family, socialising, or doing anything else you’re interested in?

    Ever had to break up a fight whilst pregnant where one child is threatening to kick you in the stomach because they know you’ve got a baby in there?

    Ever tried to teach eight years olds who come from incredibly difficult home lives who’s mum or dad is an alcoholic, on drugs, in prison, or dead how to read, spell or count because no parent has ever put their arm around them and shown them enough love, attention or care to help them?

    My wife is a bloody amazing special needs teacher who has done or experienced all of the above, and a lot more in her 20 year career, whilst my mum spent 30 years teaching thousands of children across Wrexham and only left the profession because of the severe stress it subjected her to.

    For some reason, people think it’s ok to use teachers as punching bags and that they’re just glorified babysitters who get to knock off at 3pm and have tons of holiday. I have friends who know my wife, how hard she works and STILL say how ‘lazy’ she is to her face…

    Clearly Huw you think you can do a better job; the good news is there’s a national shortage of teachers so there’s never been a better chance to get involved to show all those whingers up and the profession with what it’s been missing… here the link



    There you go…whinge,whinge! Oh how my heart bleeds for these poor unfortunate teachers! They decided to get into teaching so get on with it or find a new career. Plenty of people in difficult jobs not just bloody delusional teachers! The majority of people just get on with their jobs but teachers just whine their entire lives.

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