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    I was perfectly happy to vote Labour, because it’s Welsh Labour, not Westminster Labour, and it’s Mark Drakeford, not the dreadful Keir Starmer.

    My biggest fear was these Tories getting their hands on our Welsh NHS. They likely would have started selling it off to America, like they have done in England.



    We also have another Wrexhamite in the Senedd – Jane Dodd’s Leader of the Wales LibDems hails from Wrexham – her mum Marjorie Dykins was very prominent with voluntary organisations in Wrexham and her dad senior Court usher for many years

    Jane was probably one of the shortest serving MPs having been elected in a By Election only then to lose the seat at the General Election about six months later.

    She now has the potential of being seat number 31 for Labour to get the majority they need in the Senedd



    Tim Regency – I needed to google your comment about selling the NHS to the US as politics are not my thing & it didn’t ring any bells with me. The question I asked was, “has the NHS been sold to USA”? I came up with this item in’The Pulse’ which is a health professional website. It made interesting reading. It seems that you are wrong if this item is to be believed. It might be worth your while looking at who was in power in 2004 too.

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    Zinger, there are other results in that search, not just the opinion piece that you selected. Perhaps that’s a case of ‘confirmation bias.’

    If you don’t think the English NHS is being sold off by the Tories, that’s up to you. There’s not much I can do about it.

    My previous post was merely to say I was relieved that the Senedd election is won, for the reason I gave – and stand by. I’m now going to try and enjoy the next few years of living here without Tories bothering me too much.



    Tim Regency – I try not to read biased newspapers either way which is difficult as most of them are one way or the other & I thought that this item had no political agenda & came from the horses mouth as it were.



    Zinger, if you want to think that the party that sold off the railways, gas, electricity, water, council housing, probation services etc etc have no interest in selling off the NHS, then I can’t help you.

    I have nothing further to add to my last post.



    Not the Senedd, the Hartlepool by election.

    Yeasterday on LBC radio call in was Fred from Hartlepool extolling praise on the Tories.


    wait for it…….

    “They have 9 food banks now, and Labour didn’t give them any”…

    Now that’s how to persuade the voters and win an election.

    Chwarae Teg.



    In her “ gritted teeth “ welcome to the new Senedd our MP shows how out of step she is . The horrendous effect of the pandemic is on all of ours and it was the steady approach of the last Senedd, and the advice offered by Mark Drakerford that was a huge factor in the success of Welsh Labour in Wrexham and across the Principality, a point acceded by Andrew RT Davies , and Adam Price.
    Sarah has been out of step on lockdown before , calling for relaxation shortly before eating humble pie , when our PM had to do an inevitable U turn last year.
    To compensate she has a go at the Tory/Independent council on housing, where did that figure come from and parking enforcement. On the latter you can respond to her survey on the issue of parking at Island Green . For her information the parking issue here was decided as part of a planning issue in 1995 ( or possibly early 1996) by the then Wrexham Maelor Council .
    So her message is “ look to the future whilst having a whinge about historical issues!”



    It looks like Ms Atherton’s statement has many elements that may have been written 12 months ago – Housing – inaccurate numbers of empty properties
    – Car parking issues — perhaps some people need to go up the road from Island Green to Specsavers — if people read the condition of charges they should not then complain
    – Covid 19 Roadmap – this is a cheap shot for any politician regarding the difference in Wales and England- she implies that everything in Wales has been wrong even when Boris has adjusted his views to those of Mark Drakford.
    – Ms Atherton needs to do a reality check-in with what is happening across Wrexham
    – Will Ms Atherton meet with Lesley Griffiths now that there is a new term of office – both politicians need to bury the hatchet — and get on with things for the benefit of all Wrexham residents.



    Jane J

    The car parking issue at Island Green could have been written a quarter of a century ago , not 12 months!
    The planning permission for this area , which included the parking issue, was agreed by the late Wrexham Maelor Council in 1995 ( or early 1996 ) Those of us on the Shadow Authority- May 1995-31/3/1996 were consulted , and if my memory is correct ,made comments about the parking, but the decision rested elsewhere.
    So you are totally correct the MP’s issues are
    “ old hat 🎩 “!

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