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    First up and thanks for for the coverage. You had to prod the candidates for us because nobody was interested in talking and just stuck same sounded crap through our door which went into the blue recycling bag.

    The ballot boxes were nailed shut but ahead of the count you had Leena Farhat in Clwyd South bleating: “The ballots are in so don’t accuse me of politicking. This morning I have been stopped and questioned. I would love to know if this has happened to anyone else but my guess is that I am a WOC and that is enough to justify it. Don’t tell me policing policy in Wales is progressive.”

    Just glad i never voted for her now she is playing the colour card. No need and why slate the policing policy? Did she ask anyone else if they were stopped?

    Its an interesting day to say the least.

    - STAY AT HOME -



    Why is the count in Wales so late?



    Well done Lesley Griffiths. Wrexham has voted sensibly for a change.



    It looks like I didn’t vote sensibly then.



    Fair play to both Ken and Lesley for getting voted back in. I voted Plaid this time, as I’m not happy with the overall UK-wide Labour party and cannot back them under such poor leadership and Westminster representation. However, much better to have these 2 representing the Wrexham area than the Tories.



    What do they do?
    The Senedd is responsible for services such as health, education and transport services in Wales.

    I like Lesley but not too sure what has been achieved locally in the last 14 years in the three areas above, covid not withstanding.



    Looks like many of the potential voters have let the country down — a total of less than 50% turnout across Wales. This means that no matter which party the Assembly Members come from they will take up their seats with less than 27$ of the electorate in their area having voted for them. My far the largest number of voters are actually the non voters- what a waste of having a democratic process if so many people cant be bothered to vote. Most of the non voters will be the ones in 5 years saying the Welsh Government hasn’t done anything.

    Lets hope more people are motivated in next 12 months to be ready for the Local Council elections- there is a real need for a change on the Council .



    Zinger, perhaps that is something the good people of Wrexham need to hold Lesley to account on. She gets a free ride because both Westminster MPs who have stood whilst she’s been an AM/MS have been a lightning rod for criticism and means she can just trundle along in the background.

    If the Senedd brand wants to increase its performance and level up from just the Assembly as it was previously called and also improve its credibility up North then she will need to step up to the plate and help deal with some of these areas drastically in need of improvement around the town.

    There needs to be far less buck passing of “Oh it’s Westminster’s fault” and getting down to Cardiff and shaking them down there for further funding and action instead.



    JaneJ that has been the age old problem for democracy in the UK forever – voluntary participation. If you made it compulsory to vote like in Australia, even if abstaining or spoiling the ballot remained valid options then perhaps we would get different results on a high turnout.

    I admire your optimism at change in council elections and I can tell you already, it’ll be an exceptionally low voter turnout. A few older councillors might retire, a few plucky and well motivated Plaid candidates might sneak in by impressing people in a ward.

    However, for the most part the same faces will get voted in. I guarantee Pritchard’s seat is safe and all of the Tory seats as for a number of independents in the supergroup. There is little appetite for new grass roots individuals to become councillors under Labour or any other non Plaid banners to pick enough of the support of the 30% of voters who turn out to vote in council elections.

    You may have noticed there’s quite significant swings and gains and losses in this week’s English council elections and they seem to get in on hot local town/city level issues.

    There’s a far more parochial approach to the Wrexham council elections where you vote for the person you know and has known everyone’s mums and dads and grandparents for years in the local area and who goes round picking up all the litter and dogsh*t.

    That’s great on a community level, but translates very poorly when these same people find themselves in an Executive position covering the entire county and are meant to take a successful and holistic approach to issues that benefit all of Wrexham. Okay so there’s Council Officers to support them, but what do we know of their expertise and they have little to no accountability.

    I’d love to be proven wrong but the complete inertia in the way UK politics runs make it hard to believe that will be the case.



    So Labour have won control of the Senedd for another 5 years. Seems like a good result to me. A stable competent government is certainly what is needed to see us through the next months or years. The full impact of Covid and how Brexit will effect Wales are unknowns as yet. It is also good to see two strong and able Opposition Parties. I am sure they will scrutinise and hold the Labour Government to account to ensure the very best for Wales. I am also pleased that the negative, spoiling parties, such as Abolish or UKIP, have all been rejected by the electorate, as they had nothing positive to offer moving forward.
    FYI. I voted Labour for Candidate and Plaid on Regional.

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