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    I wonder how our local MP Ms Atherton will be able to justify the £1300 travel expenses of her ‘friend’ Jacob Rees Mogg on his recent carefully orchestrated visit to Wrexham- avoiding any contact with local people. Presumably, there were also expenses claimed for meals etc by the whole entourage of Politicians and support staff. Of course if there were no Civil Servants with him then it must have been a personal visit to see our local MP which questions whether the use of a Ministerial car should even have been authorised in the first place?


    The Speaking Truth

    Her latest on her Facebook is that she took 4 constituents from Wrexham to see the queen lying in state. Funny how the 4 people standing in line behind are her family members! She’s clearly trying to distract from the current argument on MPs not having to queue like the rest of us and even being given 4 tickets to fast track their cronies into Westminster hall!

    Not to mention how she has now stooped to a new photo opportunity low, using our dead queen for one.

    The woman has absolutely no moral fibre!!

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