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    Have just e mailed Sarah Atherton asking if given her medical training and experience would she be volunteering to work at Wrexham Hospital over the Christmas period in order that at least one nurse could have a Christmas break which otherwise he or she would not have had.
    Not holding my breath on a reply, but perhaps others could also ask her the question, the more the better.



    I appreciate the gesture and what you are trying to get at in principle, but it’s not even worth yours or anyone else’s effort.

    It is not possible to attempt to shame the truly shameless. If there is a photo opportunity in it, she will be there, but you cannot get someone to make good when there is no good there in the first place.

    Yea so she pulled a couple of shifts and greatly overinflated the importance of the role when the newly elected Conservatives back in March were cleverly constructing their kayfabe of pretending they gave a damn about the NHS and their workers. That was a nice PR stunt for her and the local party, but in reality was as vapid and empty as the stupid claps they duped everyone across the country into doing every week, thinking it made a difference to poor exhausted doctors and nurses.

    The only thing we can do is wait until 2024, a long time from now I know, and make sure that Ms Atherton does not get to serve a second term as Wrexham MP.

    I offer no opinion on who might be a better replacement for her, in terms of the current damaged parties, but she does not represent in any way, shape or form what Wrexham is all about.



    Beer and football.

    That is wrexham.


    Beer and Football? A bit short sighted!

    As the artist formally known as Councilor Keith Gregory famously said, Wrexham is as a “pie and chips” town.

    The Tories are like Covid. Everybody wants rid but its not going to happen anytime soon.

    - STAY AT HOME -



    Of course now Sarah Atherton has complained about Wales being put into Tier 4, she’ll be making an equally public complaint disagreeing with her boss Boris Johnson for doing the same in London and the South East of England ;)



    Ms Atherton and others need to take a long hard look. at the infection figures – she has areas in her constituency with over 400 cases per 100k. What has she been doing for them these past few weeks why has she not been calling for localised lockdown within her own patch. The Wales national average is just that and average which means that there are lots of areas much higher and areas that are much lower.

    Could Ms Atherton or any other reader of these threads tell me what is the acceptable infection rate in an area to avoid lockdown. 100, 200, 300 or more? 475 in Borras at the beginning of December and Caia on the increase above 300 but likely to be up when the figures are released tomorrow for the localised data.

    Perhaps if Boris, Mark Drakford or Nicola Sturgeon had been more decisive a few weeks ago none of the areas of the UK would have been given such a bleak Christmas.

    We are asked to sacrifice Christmas this year in order to enjoy the festivities with our loved ones in the years to come and to return to normal life, once the vaccine has worked its magic.

    With the new strain spreading at such a rapid rate – up to 70% more active than the virus two months ago the risk level from spread is clearly alarming and needs the appropriate response.

    Lets stop trying to score political points about what should or should not happen and when- politicians of all political parties are human beings and they too would have like to have full family get togethers but no longer — they are not making decisions to penalise people.

    The best thing that can happen is create a war time joint political party Government to tackle the dreaded virus collectively to get some light at the end of the tunnel for 2021 and then start the Political analysis of actions.

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    She did in spring. It annoys me when everyone e in Wrexham are anti Tory – but 6 in 10 voted for them
    In Wrexham remember.



    pastrylover Do not take the general mood of the Wrexham population from what you read on here,

    Brexit on here wrong

    Ian Lucas wrong

    Jeremy Corben wrong

    General Election wrong

    and Sarah Atherton winning a conservative seat in WREXHAM (that should never have happened) says it all as to what the general population think in private when it comes to a private vote.

    I await for incoming from Matt and co. :)

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    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    Headlines that restrictions might be lowered in Wales just as Wrexham & Flintshire has caught up with the south of the country. Maybe the whole country should stay locked down until Wrexham figures are lower.



    How thoroughly inconvenient and annoying for you pastrylover that some people in a democratic free speech society might offer up a differing opinion to yourself. How very difficult for you in these most difficult of times.

    There’s always Russia and North Korea for you to go and live where they do away with pesky political dissidents ;)

    Perhaps we need to start up an Agony Aunt’s column – “help, I voted Tory and they won but my friends and neighbours still treat me like a Chester fan.”

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