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    The right to buy council homes to be scrapped in Wrexham, this is good news to stop even less homes for the council But, if the council had used the money selling 6,000 council homes to build more homes to rent not relying on Wales & west & other affordable homes, the Council would not have such a housing problem.

    Will the council now be building more council homes to rent NOT sell, or are they relying on private companies. The council should stop selling its land off & build council houses on its own land instead, to rent out.


    Maureen Gray

    I could be wrong – but thats never stopped me – but there have been a hell of a lot of changes in the time the council introduced right to buy! It was seen as the way forward then but not so now. Yes the council may have built more in the past, but now the coffers are more than empty so dont talk such crap.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Councils were forbidden by central government legislation from using the receipts from Council House sales to build more council houses; that was part of the rationale behind offering them at a discount. Westminster ordered the sale of local government property at a loss on purpose. The aim of encouraging people to buy their council houses was to eventually ensure the end of the concept that the state should provide housing. Nearly forty years on we are paying for it, big style.



    Yes, more housing but prior to any building, can we have upgrades to facilities in the town. Berwyn Prison was built, 2,000 or more occupants ?? who I am told, welcome the opportunity to complain of ailments, they enjoy a trip outside of the prison. Was our hospital enlarged???? Joke and we have up to 10 or more Ambulances queuing up outside A & E at times.
    Around Wrexham so many obvious newcomers, speaking a foreign language, pushing prams with many small children, no doubt Wrexham Council accepting immigrants into our community. Where are the extra schools to cope with additional residents. Our Surgeries, what a joke trying to get appointments now so many additional people coming to reside here – it is a disgusting situation. The surgeries do their best to cope but the demand keeps increasing, Same with waiting times for people attending A & E -but not via an Ambulance.
    Now our Council wish to build 600 more homes, well done – but for goodness sake, not before additional hospital beds, more surgeries and more schools.



    100% agree MaggieT. No more houses should be built without the infrastructure in place before hand. But where are we to find the doctors for new surgeries? Where are we to find teachers for new schools? Our schools are already failing.


    Councillor X

    I bought my Council House in the early eighties for a tin of sardines and a copy of Mayfair, then sold it on a decade or so later at a massive profit.

    I now have my nice private bungalow in a nice area where you cannot hear your neighbours fart.

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.

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