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    Someone put health secretary Steve Barclay and Rishi Sunak in their chauffeur driven ministerial car and take them on a twelve hour shift touring as many hospital A&E ‘s that they can fit in. Then put them on national TV to admit the NHS is broken. When asylum seekers are brought into the country we put them up in hotels, why not find suitable “convalescent “ accommodation for those well enough to leave an actute hospital beds to make way for those critically ill waiting in ambulances or dying before the ambulance arrives.

    All our politicians are to blame , where has Drakeford been in Wales and the opposition leader Starmer in England , hiding as they have nothing to offer as a solution.


    Maureen Gray

    They don’t need to go out and see it, they have reports written for them by all the ridiculous levels of management in their plush offices in their ivory towers.
    The only reason that the NHS ‘struggles by’ is due to the extraordinary staff who go more than the extra mile every single day.
    This is true of other under funded sectors too, such as the council.



    Maureen the key issues is not about funding but how do Health and Social Care make the professions desirable to join. Yes, better wages is one carrot but for many it is far more about job satisfaction.
    It also needs to be recognised that many nursing staff are now looking at being a Bank Nurse as their career of choice due to flexibility and higher wages rather than being a permanent staff member. This may be suitable for the individual nurse but it is costing the Health Service a huge amount over and above budget and making the nursing budget unsustainable.



    Reading about something is all very well but actually seeing the problem first hand , etches it in the memory. That’s assuming they have a conscience.



    Let’s get rid of the middle management. We’re the money is wasted

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