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    Are there any more keyboard warriors with any predictioins!!

    Predications for Council and Health 2020

    1. Three new Chief Officers appointed
    2. Wrexham Council reshuffle with new Lead Member of Education
    3. Two Independent Groups fall out big time and new Council Executive make up includes Labour
    4. Shock as another Secondary School goes into Special Measures
    5. Maelor Hospital retains Special Measures status with more preventable deaths.
    6. Council do a deal to off load the Groves
    7. Wrexham Young Peoples Senedd forbidden to discuss the poor education in Secondary Schools
    8. Ty Pawb operating losses increase and Council unable to cover from grants
    9. Wrexham Children’s Services receive a report as bad as the one for the Education Department- more staff leave.
    10. More High Street retailers close in the Town Centre and Eagles Meadow and shop conversions to housing rejected by Planners.



    Had a drink have we?

    Are there any more keyboard warriors with any predictioins!!
    Predications for Council and Health 2020[/quote]


    Maureen Gray

    It’s as if Derek has some kind of 6th sence or even a contact on the inside!! 🤔


    Llayby lilly

    Are you the ‘inside man’ Degsy…?

    I think from now-on DJ’s codename should be FISH-SLICE…!

    Lol Lilly



    Burtons Building opens to public acclaim.

    Sports Direct open in the old BHS shop

    Sarah Atherton (New MP) opens an office in an empty shop in the town centre .Keeping an election pledge to help the High Street.

    The Council mediates with all interested parties to find funding for Hafan Y Dref

    The Councillors use their I Pads to read up on the effects of three weekly bin collections across Britain and make an informed decision.

    The Council reintroduce openness in their accounting and publish all invoices above £500 .



    Making predictions is difficult at best, but with this Council, select the most obvious solution, discard it and go for the most unlikely. You may then get somewhere near to their chosen course of action.

    Myself, I prefer a wish list:

    1. The Leader of the Council steps down.
    2. All the ‘Independent’ Councillors actually stand under their true political affiliations.

    3. Get rid of the Executive style of governance so that all elected Councillors are given the opportunity to take part in democratic decision making.



    Hafan Y Dref is to continue without a break , good news, but Council has failed to state who is taking over from the Red Cross. So who is taking over ?

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