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    It would appear there is widespread agreement that the planning department and committee are not fit for purpose.
    In the last couple of days, widely divergent recommendations have been made regarding two extremely similar proposals.
    I think that all people ask is that there appears to be logic in those recommendations.

    Councillors on the Executive Board are paid significant salaries for overseeing their particular portfolio but it has become increasingly obvious that they are failing to carry out those functions.

    At least 3 of those portfolios are the subject of outside scrutiny as they are not up to the standard required or expected. I am sure that others could be added to the list.

    I cannot recall any statements or updates being made about progress in resolving educational or social deficiencies at WCBC irrespective of using the pandemic as an excuse. All we seem to get is photo opportunities

    Surely, Councillors read social media and cannot fail to notice the disquiet amongst residents regarding their apparent ineptitude. I personally would take it a damning slight if something I was ultimately responsible for was failing so miserably.

    The sheer number of planning applications going to appeal and the appeal upheld speaks volumes.

    I call on the Leader of the Council to do what his job title suggests – LEAD and bring to task or remove those that aren’t performing and bring in Councillors who can, irrespective of their political persuasion.

    The ball is firmly in your court, Councillor Pritchard – do something NOW!


    Captain C

    The more dealings we have with Wrexham Planning the worse it gets. The planning committee hands are tied and are in the main doing there best but until there is a full clear out in the planning department this will carry on.


    Ioan y Ffin

    The Planning Department’s main task is to devise a Local Development Plan for Wrexham for the period 2013 – 2028 so the Council can actually plan development locally. However… ten years have gone by since the last plan covering the period 1996-2011 came to end and they still have not produced a new plan. As this rate, they are never going to get the 2013-2028 plan signed off, so they might as well start on the next LDP (for the period 2028 – 2043). If they buck their ideas up and employ some competent people, it is just possible they might be able to get something completed in the next seven years!! No one is holding their breath, least of all developers who are enjoying every minute when in effect ‘Anything goes!!’

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