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    How exactly do the council decide their planning decisions? Do they toss a coin?

    The Llay farm shop application has been refused because “The principle of a retail development in the open countryside is considered to be contrary to adopted policies of the Wrexham Unitary Development Plan”.

    Yet a little further up the straight mile they give permission to a large Aldi store. And just across the road a massive housing estate is considered sustainable whereas a little farm shop is not.

    I can only conclude that Aldi and the housebuilders are zable to stuff brown envelopes a lot thicker than the farm owner can.


    Captain C

    This recommendation by planning stinks. The owners of the proposed farm shop met with the community council in Llay and ALL there were in favour of this going ahead. Mr Isted states that there is a 50mph speed limit on the straight mile but this was supposed to be dropped to 40mph before any houses off the straight mile were occupied, yet another failing of WCBC Planning. It’s about time that WCBC Planning department were called to task over things like this. If you want to sort anything out in the country side it will be called sporadic development by the planning officer and turned down but it’s ok when it suits them selves.



    It doesn’t really matter what gets granted or not granted by the WCBC planners because those with enough time and money can just go to planning appeal at the Welsh Government and build wherever they like anyway – such as Glyndwr building on playing fields.

    None of it is fit for purpose on any level – smaller sensible ideas rejected and of course they can’t afford to appeal. Bad ideas forced through with £££.



    When does the crass stupidity of the Planning Committee end? When will those in authority recognise that it is not fit for purpose?

    It seems that almost every week there is reportage of yet another decision gone to appeal with all the associated cost when granted by the Inspectorate.
    It has become blatantly obvious that it is WCBC’s intent to hold Wrexham in a time warp.

    With the sickening demise of the town centre, one would think that anything progressive would be welcomed with open arms.

    WCBC have been ramping up how it pushing the boundaries in furtherance of a green economy yet when a massive investment was mooted to build eco friendly greenhouses that would provide 40% of Wales’ tomato requirements, that too was rejected. It was even going to utilise energy from a nearby treatment plant.

    I really despair!!

    Somebody, anybody please get it sorted out before we sink further towards oblivion and WCBC is put into special measures to rectify their unforgivable failings.


    Captain C

    The problem is not the Planning Committee.

    The problem is the Planning Officers who are not fit for purpose. In Llay they have allowed a large estate (362 houses) off the straight mile, a Police Station, an Aldi on the Crown Junction, houses and a Coop on the Legion land and tried lying their way to allowing a Gypsy Site yet that want to block something that everyone I have spoken to in Llay think the Farm Shop will be a great addition to the village.



    They have also given planning for a Timpson key cutting pod on the Asda car park , that’s in addition to the drive through coffee shop! The same Council is decrying the loss of business and footfall in the town centre, throwing thousands of pounds, at trying to stop the rot.Maybe they should look to protecting the small independent businesses that have been serving the town for years. If they carry on in this way their deliberate polices will result in a dead town centre and shopping only on the periphery of the town. Our Council and Councillors need to wake up and protect local independent businesses that serve the town well year in and and year out!

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    “I have got another issue now, I asked advice at council about, unfortunately I have got to mention a department now, I asked advice about the being a member of the planning committee – how can I say anything without having a predetermined position?”

    “I was told that I must write ‘with concerns’, rather with ‘objections’. I’ve done that a couple of times in the last couple of weeks and have been told some of my concerns have not been added to a report. So I think it’s another incident of why we’re talking about this today. I’m not able to do my job properly as one of the councillors for Llay.”

    Some Councillors have their objections recorded. Surely all Councillors should be treated equally or are some Councillors more equal than others ?



    Another appeal against the councils refusal for planning permission, for the old police station in Gresford. More expense on the appeal.



    Once again Wrexham Planning department showing its not fit for Purpose & so are some of the Councilers, No local objection to Lindop Brothers carshowroom expansion of carpark, BUT chief planning officer Lawrence Isted recommended the plans were refused, stating that the development had not met the “exceptional circumstances” needed to justify an extension onto green barrier land. It will only take a vary small part of the Green Belt, Council more interested in a very small part of the Green Belt then stopping a LONG running business from closing & loosing jobs. Even with most residents ok with the development.

    Shame on you Wrexham Council, sounds like Another appeal coming.



    Council planning department allowing an extension to the traveler’s site in Tanyfron, on a small piece of a green belt site.

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