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    The Speaking Truth

    I’d put money on it protecting Arfon jone’s pointless position sitting on Twitter all day! I’d also bet on it works out the staff at Saith Seren get free Parking… Idiots if they think lies and propaganda will fool the people of Wrexham!



    [quote quote=139409]Idiots if they think lies and propaganda will fool the people of Wrexham!


    Instead of giving it large on here, might I suggest you actually have a chat with Marc Jones as he is looking for the inputs of all of Wrexham in the crowdsourced alternative budget, including yours. I’m guessing you’re not a big fan of Plaid for whatever reason, but from reading your other posts on here I believe you’re someone who has a lot of passion for Wrexham.

    Even though Marc is Plaid & I’m Labour, there’s a lot we agree on & we have a very common ground in Wrexham of wanting to see the town develop & get many of the social issues dealt with. This is not something I have any confidence in the current exec board Indy Tories pulling off based on their shambolic track record in recent years.

    We also know that the real Difficult Decisions consultation is a smoke & mirrors game designed to make the council look like they are listening, when in actual fact they are just going to steamroller out their slash and burn cuts anyway. The current Labour councillors seem to have lost their voices. They are of course more than welcome to step up any time they please.

    So Plaid are willing to build up a consensus of what people of the town actually want & even though we know that the Exec Leadership is initially going to reject it all out of hand, because that’s what they do – the alternative budget will operate as a reference point that we continually refer back to & fight the cuts in Wrexham & take a stand.

    It will be people power that stops them from taking away all the services & provisions relied on by so many across the county.

    Until people stop voting in the same chumps to run town & county just because they fixed their grans fence, the council is going to have to be fought & held to account over all of its bad decisions. We should make full use of the few decent councillors who actually stand up to the status quo.



    The Council never include possible savings that could be made on utilities, consumables, software, mobile phones , insurances etcetera. Can we be confident they have obtained the best deals available? With the additional £900,000 deficit in the recycling budget, which is being covered by savings from all departments , every bit of money saved becomes more important.


    The Monitor

    The Speaking Truth. I wonder how much truth you speak. It is obvious, and has been for sometime, that the people of Wrexham, Do believe lies and propoganda. Why else do they vote in the councillors on the so called Executive Board time and again. Because the people of wrexham ARE gullible or have given up.


    Council Watcher

    We need to ensure that the budget does not become embittered un party political or personality politics which distracts from the core issue of cuts and would allow the Council Executive to get THEIR budget through as everyone else has been arguing.

    People need to be open when looking at the proposed budget cuts and not be so narrow to just look at our own lives as they are today- look for the future.

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