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    How on earth can the Plaid 5 point plan even be considered as a Plan. There is nothing new and all 5 points have been around for years – even when they were first in coalition with Labour many years ago.

    How can regurgitated political statements get any form of coverage.



    I presume the silence from our Plaid supporters on these threads means they agree there is nothing new in the announcement.

    I await your challenge back!!



    Not a Plaid supporter but – repeating something that’s not been previously suggested, but not act upon, doesn’t mean the idea wasn’t valid.
    Many good ideas aren’t acted upon, many bad ideas bad are perpetuated!
    It’s probable that your comment wasn’t considered worth responding to!



    The only way that Wales can ever achieve a health service is to press and campaign for full independence. While Wales is part of the UK, subservient to Westminster, and dependent on ever-increasing handouts, we’ll never have a health service that works for people of Wales.
    The current health service under Welsh Labour is struggling, not because of any lack of talent, but because of a lack of vision and foresight. Any plan put forward now won’t be seen as viable.
    Welsh politicians of all parties need to sign up, at the very least, to a 10 or 15 year plan and commit to making that plan work. But while we have Tories in the Senedd that will never happen.



    Calls for new not-for-profit agency to save NHS money on ‘eye-watering’ private fees

    Take the politics out of the NHS, unite behind a plan and get the job done! £48 million spent by BCUHB, on agency staff provided by private profit generating companies. Scope for potential saving in region of £20 million ?

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