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    Beautifully written, something of your style minds me of ‘Carcoat Damphands’.


    What is Wrexham’s identity?

    Famously is it a “Pie and chips town” but Conservative councillor Rodney Skelland says Wrexham must ‘get away’ from its market town image.

    Then we have Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in an access-all-areas Wrexham documentary! Will they find out what Wrexham is?

    If you want to join in, send your postcard to:
    Multi-Coloured Swap Shop,
    BBCtv Centre,
    W12 8QT

    - STAY AT HOME -



    Just been in town for the first time this year.

    There was one full on space cadet in Queens Square, a couple more drop outs, a group boozing around the bandstand, a guy slapping his head and talking to himself on Hope street.

    The cobbles on Regent Street by Waterstones are ankle breakers.

    I did see a new bed shop.
    Most of the rest is closed or charity shops

    Wrexham is not a market town, it`s not a pie & chips town; Beer, Football & dossers town maybe.
    Only thing most of what I saw in town would get excited about, would be a £1 shop with 50% off.

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    JP, sounds like the town froze in time. The zombies stopped Mrs Councillor X and most of her friends from going to town and COVID has just made it worse.

    Ta for your tip on the boozy bandstand i just looked on the webcam but nobody there today in the rain:

    Was the guy slapping his head and talking to himself on Hope street wearing a Wrexham shirt? I think i used to drink with him. And was the 50% off at the £1 shop just a joke?

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.

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