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    In response to Wrexview – planning decision are supposed to be based on planning merits only . Therefore there should be a free vote and NO whipping.
    That said , and I appreciate your cynicism, I can recall occasions when that clearly was forgotten, as was being “ Independent!”



    One of the reasons there are a number of buses at St Mary’s school is that it is a Catholic Primary School. There is also another Catholic Primary school in Caia – St. Annes. I don’t think there are any other Catholic Primary school so if parents want their children to have a Catholic schooling, they only have the choice of two.

    The Church in Wales also have about 8 Church schools so parents don’t have to travel as far if that is the type of schooling they want for their children.



    So Councillor Wynn is “testing” to see if he can get planning for a new school on the green field site of the Nine Acre. He is wrong to state that no other site is available, referring to the listed status of the Groves site. There is enough room for a new primary school on that site without using the existing buildings. There is also a ready made bus bay.

    As for his suggestion of a Traveller Site on the land , he knows it’s already been ruled out, so what was his reasoning behind that suggestion now ?


    Wrexham ITK

    What would be so bad about it being used as a Traveller site anyway? The area is crying out for more provision for Travellers.






    There will be no debate on alternatives , just straight yes/no to planning application as it stands. Only planning committee members will have a vote.



    Campaigners reason for objections to the new school proposed for the Nine Acre site:-
    loss of green space. Question – how can you lose something you’ve never had access to?

    Subtext of of objection (or real reason if you like):-
    How dare they consider building amongst E to H Council Tax Banding properties? Surely they are more appropriate for A-D?



    How about making it into the new City Centre Park, open to all , to celebrate our landmark new status!


    Comment 8or

    For a Senior Councillor to single-out and use the siting of the new Gypsy and Traveller site to try and influence the outcome of a Council Planning Committee Vote is ethically wrong and discriminatory. Regardless of your views of this community, you cannot use negative stereotypical opinions in this way. One Councillor has said it is blackmail, well, it was certainly an act of blatant discrimination and crude manipulation. You cannot have votes cast on the use of land for housing development on the basis of preventing its use for a future Gypsy and Traveller site.

    The vote can’t be whipped, so he thought this would be a good idea. This is the kind of practice we have come to expect from the Boris Johnson book of ethics.

    Cllr Wynne is so desperate to influence this vote, that he thought it a good idea to invite all Councillors to visit St Mary’s School to examine the facilities on the same day as the vote. We should not need the Chair of the committee to intervene. If he has such spare time on his hands, he should get to grips with the fiasco that is the former Grove Park site. Why that can’t be used for the new St Mary’s School is beyond me. Due to it being a faith school, its student catchment area will inevitably be wider than other schools, and it has the space to accommodate the extra buses needed. It’s currently an eyesore. I hope they didn’t drive the inspectors passed there when they applied for the 2025 City of Culture bid. The money spent on its upkeep alone since it was re-listed by Mark Drakeford will be in the region of £200,000. I am sure there are areas elsewhere in Education that are in need of significant improvement and that could benefit from this sort of investment.

    If the new school is not built on the Nine Acres field, then something needs to be done with that land. What’s the point of it just sitting there fenced off?



    Build a new school on Groves site.

    Turn nine acre into a recreational green space accessible to everyone in the town.

    Let’s be honest there’s no way anyone will agree to put a traveller site there and quite rightly it has been used in a scaremongering and discriminatory manner.

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