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    Now Wrexham Football Club will not require the land at the old Groves School site for a training facility, it will be available for a different development. The land is suitable for education use and would suit a new purpose built primary school. As it is going to be for a replacement for St Mary’s School this site is much better suited to facilitate the numerous buses that bring children to that school. There is a ready built bus bay with parking for a number of buses to wait and load children all safely away from traffic. It is incorrect to now state there is no other site available in the town centre on which a new primary school can be built.



    There is an infatuation with building on nine acre.
    As for the Groves site, they are probably still trying to work out how they can give the site away for maximum financial loss.

    There is evidently something at play that the general pleblic are unaware of, and are unlikely to be enlightened on.

    Something does not compute at any level.



    Let’s call a spade a spade.
    The objections put forward are little or nothing to do with loss of green space or the suitability of the site for the erection of a new school. In fact 30+% of the nine acre will be retained for leisure purposes.
    What it has to do with however, is the perceived disruption to the tranquility of the residents of the large properties surrounding the site.
    In my book, educational needs supersede any other consideration and should therefore be given the green light.
    Just as an aside – would there be the same objections and dithering if it was to be a Welsh medium teaching environment?



    The report on the planning application is I believe faulty in one respect.
    It states that the new owners of Wrexham AFC , who used the field until recently, when they secured a return to Colliers Park in Gresford.

    As far as I , and fellow community councillors are concerned the use of Colliers Park is for the FAW – Football Association Wales .
    Indeed I was at the celebration of their taking over the tenure in 2019.


    Liam Randall


    Thanks Liam

    Take your word , so it seems like the communication of the news to the community from the new owners is what is lacking!

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