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    The recently released news of a new Testing Centre for Wrexham has to be good news for people who need a test instead of the ridiculous situation of being sent to areas like Bolton, Aberystwyth and Telford. Hope full now it is on our doorstep (for many Wrexham residents) that people won’t delay in getting a test if they have symptoms.

    The best news would be however that the R rate has dropped so much we don’t need the facility. Let us hope this will help to reduce the spread and number of cases ending up in hospital that will be bursting at the seams.



    I predict that the take up will be massive, not because individuals are displaying symptoms, but simply because it’s there.
    One only has to look back a few weeks to when the facility was located in Hightown and Caia Park to see that.
    I do hope though that people will act sensibly and leave it to those that actually need it.

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    Surely the incentive of not going for the sake of it if you don’t have any symptoms or haven’t been told you have come into contact with anyone on the test and trace is to avoid a potentially massive hotbed of Covid and stay well and healthy and not risk infecting anyone vulnerable in your family.

    However, lemming mentality may prevail. Perhaps they shouldn’t have broadcast where it was and not allowed a 2 day free-for-all. That way people in actual need of a test locally would see increased availability and not have to travel, without all the fuss.



    I wouldn’t want to be going over the weekend.



    This is good news, I could never understand why the largest Town in north wales & with the biggest industrial estate in the UK did not have its own testing facility.

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