New law that ‘transforms Wales’ rental sector now in force

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    Nice that Tenants have more security, but the regulation keeps saying No-fault’ notice periods but cant see any regulations on how to more quickly Evict a none paying renter or evict a renter that is destroying your property. Its not always landlords that are the problem.


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    The Welsh Government don’t seem to realise that all these extra regulations are making it more difficult for landlords, so there are less houses available for people to rent – there is a already a big shortage and this will make it even worse.



    Perhaps WG should be targeting rogue landlords – there are plenty of them. As there are plenty of rogue tenants. Also councils and universal credit should pay benefit portion of rent directly to the landlord.



    Lets make it as difficult as possible for landlords, then there may be some more first time buyer, affordable houses for sale on the market.
    That way people can pay to own their house not just pay some other idiot with a buy to let mortgage..

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