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    You can see our multi media extravaganza of live coverage here : New Industrial Estate Link Road Opening – Live |


    The question is, what do you think of the road opening?



    What i would like to know is how much did it cost to open the new link road, although I was’nt there for the opening but read on your news that there was three bus loads of people, so who paid for the coaches and the do at the Holt Lodge (my thinking is Wrexham’s tax payer).



    I would think the construction company paid, but of course the taxpayer pays the construction company !



    Yeah I think it’s a little over the top as well.

    1 It’s been open for weeks
    2 It’s not fully completed yet
    3 We’re in a recession where councils are supposedly really struggling for money.

    I wonder if all these council representatives will be there when the first problems are found and it has to close for repairs.



    It will be interesting to see if they add Whitchurch to the sign posts , as now there is no need for any transport wishing to go in that direction from the Chester area to go through the town centre. They should be directed along the new link road to Cross Lanes, relieving the hard pressed town centre roads. At present the signage coming of the A483 at the Gresford roundabout send all Whitchurch traffic up Chester Road.



    So when will they be spending more money to re-design the very poor access & egress to / from the new roundabouts which are that poorly designed that there will be accidents!! there is a ‘take off ramp’ on the access to Ash Road North from the new roundabout & there is a very sharp turn onto the new road from the A534 from Nantwich. All that money spent & they mess up !!


    Born Acorn

    Getting to work is now a really smooth job. A few people just don’t know which lane to get in. The council should really put down white arrows on approach to roundabouts or a get in lane sign or two.

    Unfortunately, while the westbound is still down to one lane, it’s a pain to get out of the estate! At least on the north road.



    @Born Acorn 1536 wrote:

    Getting to work is now a really smooth job. A few people just don’t know which lane to get in. The council should really put down white arrows on approach to roundabouts or a get in lane sign or two.

    Totally agree. This is needed before there is an accident. I used the North Access this morning and used the right hand lane to go around the roundabout towards the Industrial Estate. A car followed me all the way around in the LEFT hand lane and nearly hit the rear end of my car when I turned onto the road for the Industrial Estate.

    I know that driver was clearly in the wrong (Highway Code states you do not use the left hand lane of a roundabout to turn right and it is also common sense) but I am afraid these days some drivers do need “idiot” signs to help them along.

    Also I feel road markings and/or signs are needed on the exit of the Industrial Estate using the South Access too. With a double roundabout there no one seems to know if they should be in the left hand lane first and then, after negotiating the first roundabout, move into the right hand lane for the turning for Cefn Road or be in the right hand lane and go straight over and keep in the right hand lane. :confused:

    I feel if the council would just sort these signs out then the new access road will be a good thing. It is certainly faster getting onto the estate in the mornings !! :)



    I think this thread needs to be renamed New Industrial Estate Link Road – Back to square one!

    Now that the fanfare, back slapping, expensive breakfasts and coaches have gone away, the link road is now back to one lane in both directions, as the road has clearly not been finished.

    This means the old 5 o’clock tailbacks from JCB to the golf club are as bad as ever.

    Maybe should go and have another look and challenge the council as to how they feel this road is “open”

    Good old Wrexham council !



    And I wonder who is going to pay compensation for all the lost business and the damage done to reputations of those companies who have been badly affected or decimated by the 20 weeks of road closures so far suffered on Bryn Lane and Ash Road South?

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