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    M&S will not have many parking spaces on Plas Coch. There is already friction between stores over customers who park in one area and move between several stores. Also at busy times , cars queue to get off the Plas Coch site and onto the B&Q roundabout. M&S must have done their homework re footfall , hope they have also factored in parking!


    Born Acorn

    I go to Costa occasionally, the car park outside Everlast is deceptively large even with Costa there. It was, after all, built for a 10 screen multiplex cinema in mind. Couple that with the plans to knock down the old F&B restaurant for more spaces and they’ll probably be fine.

    It’s more the issues around leaving the site and potential anti-social issues in the evening given that end of car park has become the “new” boy racer hangout.



    The big point is being missed here. The new “M&S Investment” means that M&S will no longer be selling their clothes here. National sales for their clothing falls every year but food sales keep the company afloat. Perhaps clothing will be now be centred on the internet.
    As for access to the new site, it will make a busy site even busier. “Participant” makes the point that shoppers should move their car to a different part of the site, whenever they walk into a different store. I don’t think so. Imagine doing that at Chessy Oaks! You would be moving cars more than actually shopping.
    Should there be another entrance to the new site in an attempt to ease congestion?


    Councillor X

    What about us oldies who hang around M&S when they put the reduced price labels on the food? I can’t get there. I could hang around the Plas Coch pub but its too expensive.

    Eagles Meadow is doomed.



    It was inevitable that M & S would close their Eagles Meadow store with the downturn in trade – they have had from year one the luxury of being the ‘anchor tenant’ alongside Debenhams which gave them a very reduced rent. This is standard practice for these types of developments as they hope high value brand names will the attract smaller stores to rent in the complex. Their lease renewal was probably going to be far closer to full price hence the move.

    Ultimately withy the closure of M & S and other shops in Wrexham and elsewhere the reason lies with the population changing their shopping habits and making traditional face to face stores to expensive to operate. More customers generate more sales generating more profits it is basic retail economics.



    M&Sness now means putting people on benefits….who knew.

    I wonder where Everlast could go?

    What are these exciting new businesses that are coming to Eagles Meadow. Usually they are announced in the article….but it was clear in the comments on the Leader website why this article was made.

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