Mark Pritchard says he has done excellent to keep council tax down to 6.95%

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    Remember that there are a bloody lot of people that don’t have to pay Council Tax which helps drive it up for the workers. A lot of people laugh when i say i have to pay rent and council tax because they get it for free plus the council throws money at them to feed the kids. JOKE

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    Yes that will be very true but that does not just happen in Wrexham,the question is has any other unitary authority in england and wales had a higher rise in council tax in the last three years.



    There is a heck of a lot of money wasted when a council house goes empty.
    3 months before anyone looks at it. Then everything stripped out irrespective of how long the items have been in or condition of the items. This takes another 3-6 months. It would be cheaper to knock the house down & build a new one. A new tenant moves in & moves out 12 months later & the whole process is repeated. I understand the WreX-it’s frustration.

    Perfect 60 year old slabs replaced by impervious concrete paths which after one winter are green with moss.

    Money would be much better spent on roads & paving.



    Sadly, looking at the latest reports Dana Davies, just like her arch-head honcho Sir Starmer-a-lot has effectively become a Tory in everything but name.

    How can she possibly criticise the Exec (who I am usually critical of) for dipping into emergency reserves to spend on Children’s services. How can you get angry about wanting to make sure vulnerable kids have enough money and also be part of the Labour movement? Especially as the Senedd and her other boss Drakeford hasn’t sent enough us enough money to run things anyway.

    She’s worried the council might go bankrupt but if that means Cardiff will listen and give us decent funds then so be it. Rather that than children suffering.

    It makes it all the more tough a situation when a large number of households will find the council tax increase difficult.



    Even Pritchard looks more like a socialist than Davies. But that’s stitch-up politics for you. If only Tory voters realised that Labour is stealing from them too – robbing them of alternatives, different approaches, the right to change your mind and punish those who have let you down. They thieve democracy from us all by effectively saying ‘you can have any colour political party you want, as long as it’s blue.’



    As angry as Cllr. Pritchard says he is whilst attempting to deflect responsibility for the proposed 6.95% rise in Council Tax onto the Welsh Government, little evidence has been forthcoming as to where the money raised will be spent or has been spent.

    Unless I am very much mistaken, there has been a deathly silence from members of the Executive Board on the role that they have played in mitigating the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic.

    Specifically, I challenge Cllr Wynn – Education, Cllr Atkinson – Children’s Services, Cllr Lowe – Health and Adult Social Care, Cllr J Pritchard – Youth and Anti Poverty and Cllr H Jones – Public Protection and Community Safety to appraise us all, so that we can individually assess whether they have been adequately fulfilling their role as major portfolio holders and that our money is being spent wisely.

    It is wonderful to receive a hefty remuneration for having a title but whether it it earned is an entirely different matter.

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