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    Owain Glyndwr

    JaneJ, i am a bit ignorant of the workings of polly ticks but will we know which way our fantastic representatives vote on the Boris fiasco?

    I don’t trust either of these and their boss is a massive liar! Its ironic that we have always known politicians are liars but lies have now become the accepted norm.

    To be born Welsh is to be born privileged, not with a silver spoon in your mouth, but with music in your blood, and poetry in your soul.



    Interesting the latest musing again have distraction tactic items but missed several key points:
    Fact Check-

    1. No reference at all to the failing in the local Election in getting more Council Members or even congratulating those elected will now form part of the ruling Executive- perhaps Sarah Atherton is a Westminster Conservative but not a Local Conservative. Will she constantly knock Wrexham Council or mellow as it is the Local Conservative Party that will be deciding if she will be their local candidate at the next election.

    2. Regarding the Jubilee Book – she has failed to state that the Welsh Government could not sanction the distribution of the book as there isn’t a bilingual version. Welsh Government quite rightly have a bilingual policy across all our schools.

    3, Reference to all the new legislation in the Queens speech are all years away before implementation. She has not addressed the here and now problems of poverty, increasing fuel costs with heat vs food having to be prioritised. These are the REAL ISSUES her constituents are facing.

    4. Shared Prosperity Fund of £585 million is te replacement for previous European funding which used to be more than a £100 million more. This is not new money but old funds being recycled.

    5. Stadium of the North – no acknowledgement that Lesley Griffiths has been campaigning for this for more than 10 years- this is not a new project and certainly not led by SA.

    6. Flood risk in Rossett — is this really a Wrexham Council project – it is combined Natural Resources Wales and Dwyr Cynru.

    7. Health – she references that Health is devolved yet she has not supported the call by some people into having a Wales specific investigation into the way Covid has been dealt with – although we clearly have had issues in Wales they are not as bad as some in England. Perhaps Wales data will lean in favour of England.

    8. Health issues in North Wales – as an ex-nurse she should know that the quality of provision is dependent on staff- number of Doctor training places cut by Conservative Government, less Doctors from abroad due to Brexit coming to the UK.

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