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    It appears the Council are on very thin ice by banning the forthcoming Indy Wales event- Llwyn Isaf Green to give it the full title is a ‘Green’ which by definition is a place for communities to gather – custom and practice embed the space as being for the people of Wrexham as a meeting place for social and recreational use.
    Q) Did WCBC conduct the correct process in 2011 – as it appears that they approved a protocol but did not put it through the correct legal process to make it a Bye Law?
    Q) If the Council don’t allow political gathering or promotion on their land why then have they never stopped the popup electioneering stands that appear in Hope Street and Regent St?
    To the organisers of this event and to anyone thinking of holding a community event her is a link to lots of support https://www.oss.org.uk/frequently-asked-questions-open-spaces/

    There does not appear to be any information in the minutes of the Council from 2011 showing that the protocol went through the legal process to go through due legal process to create Bye Laws for the site – the Council have not complied with Welsh Government legislation – https://www.legislation.gov.uk/anaw/2012/2/body/enacted


    Owain Glyndwr

    Dafydd Iwan will be performing Yma O Hyd !

    Ry’n ni yma o hyd!

    See you all there!



    I hadn’t intended to go to be honest. I will now if only to put two fingers up to Pilchard and his Tory Council.



    Looks like our Tory/Indy councillors are learning from their masters at Westminster.
    Love him or loathe him Steve Bray has been doggedly exercising his free speech at Westminster with a “ stop Brexit “ protest.
    Not with the new Policing bill our MPs supported as his equipment has been seized by the Police.
    At the start of the Ukraine invasion I asked my MP whether she , like me , praised Russian dissidents, prepared to speak out. Her reply was positive and supportive of free speech!
    Hollow words I am afraid!



    So our elected ruling politicians have now collectively united and are hanging their officers out to dry. This event has been publicly promoted for weeks so why then does an endorsement appear 3 days before the vent.

    It is clear that the political Group Leaders have been having behind closed door discussions to work out how to save face. Blaming operational reasons for the original ‘ban’ is now saying Council Officers have given bad advice, yet all the officers were doing was enacting the Policy that politicians had agreed.

    It will be interesting to see if anyone from the ‘operational’ side of the Council will ever break silence.

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