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    Worrying echoes of a beat that sounded loud and clear in Gresford 5 years ago this month. Unfortunately WCBC do not have a good record in “ consulting “ on such measures and it usually falls to a “ take it or lose it “ option – on a very tight timescale. This is not to decry the work of individual library staff ( mostly now “retired “ ) and the sterling support of the community council and the local community. However it ideally takes planning,thought and time- which was not the prime thought in WCBC’s mind in 2014 . It was to make sure any provision was “ at no cost to the council budget.”
    That said if any communities want to benefit from Gresford’s experience get in touch.



    I am sure your local councilor who sits on the Executive Board will bring all his knowledge and wisdom into sorting this out.



    Jim – You mean all the libraries will end up very shiny and polished looking on the outside with very little going on inside – much like the Exec himself.


    Maureen Gray

    I attended that original meeting 5 years ago and when I tried to speak was just told to be quiet! Ssh!

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