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    Just read that WAG are to reduce isolation from 10 to 7 days subject to clear FLT test.
    That is rubbish, both my wife and I are Covid-19 positive after PCR tests. Before this we both had clear LFT tests for 4 or 5 days running and I had/still have no symptoms. Somethings not working in the system.



    This has been an issue for quite some time with LDF’s giving false negatives – it appears it is only a small percentage of cases but each false case is a problem for the individual. It appears with the shortage of PCR these cannot be rolled out as an alternative at present.

    The real problem still seems to be the growing pressure in hospitals – it may the the same percentage as 12 months ago but now it is based on a far higher level of positive cases so the number of hospitalisations is bound to grow, also at a time when over 25% of hospital staff are either positive or having to isolate.

    Anyone who thinks this is just a mild infection really needs to stop and think of the bigger picture as anyone of us could be the next positive case that ends up in hospital. The crunch date for North Wales is 17th January which is when the case numbers will peak after Christmas and New Year mixing.



    You have to wonder why so many NHS staff are testing positive when they should have all been vaccinated by now.

    “Fully vaccinated adults, children aged five to 17, and vaccine clinical trial participants identified as a close contact of a positive case of Covid-19 will not need to isolate. Instead, they should take lateral flow tests for seven days as a precautionary measure.

    Children under five will not need to isolate and are not required to take a PCR test or do lateral flow tests.”

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    Which LFT are you using, the throat & nose ones or the NEW just nose swab ones? ive read multiple reports that just swabbing the nose is less accurate especially for the omicron varient. Ive seen users use the nose only kits, swap just nose then another test with nose & throat & just the nose gave negative but with throat gave a positive result?

    Its advised to ignore the instructions & swab the throat as well which can be hard as the new swab sticks are so so short.



    TBH,didn’t know there were ‘new types’, but had heard about just the nose. Again though shows the info ain’t getting out there!

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