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    “It’s thought that the number of no confidence letters submitted may have already passed 30, however just 16 Tory MPs have penned theirs publicly.”

    I haven’t seen the names of our great Tory MPs on either the confirmed list or list of MPs who have told Boris Johnson to quit and could have submitted letters.

    Do you think that Sarah Athletic or Slime-on Baynes will pen a letter?

    - STAY AT HOME -



    With an Election in two years many MPs won’t go it alone and will wait to see what view their local Constituency Party has for fear of not being selected next time round. The way they react will first and foremost be about what will give them the best chance of try to be an MP next time round.



    Three times I’ve emailed Simon Baynes and the only replies I get are automated replies. I’ve asked for explanations on why he keeps backing an amoral PM on various points over the last few months and answers came there none. That’s one vote lost at the next general election.



    If you look at Simon Baynes’s twitter account “likes and retweets”, the clues are there.
    Would never get my vote.



    However much I hope, I can’t see Johnson losing the vote of confidence in Parliament this evening.
    Tory MP’s especially, are in politics for whatever benefits they can accrue personally and not for the benefit of the country or those that elected them.
    The 2019 intake are likely to toe the party line and I cannot see how our illustrious duo will behave any differently.
    We, the electorate of Wrexham cocked up by voting the way the majority did – based on lies and untruths. Now we are all reaping the benefits.



    I think Boris will be ok, their is no one else suitable for the job. and no one putting there hand up saying I will do it.



    Simon Baynes should look at what South Clwyd voters thought about Borris in the past

    General election 1997: Clwyd South[1][2]
    Party Candidate Votes % ±%
    Labour Martyn Jones 22,901 58.1 N/A
    Conservative Boris Johnson 9,091 23.1 N/A
    Liberal Democrats Andrew Chadwick 3,684 9.4 N/A
    Plaid Cymru Gareth Williams 2,500 6.3 N/A
    Referendum Alex Lewis 1,207 3.1 N/A

    It might have been in 1997 and lots of changes have occurred since then but Simon Baynes should see this as a warning to the safety (or lack of) for him in next election. History has a habbit of repeatinmg itself..



    I used to live in the Clwyd South constituency and always got a nice, full and early reply from Susan Elan Jones whenever I wrote to her. If required, she would sometimes contact the relevant minister on my behalf.

    You get what you vote for, I guess. As for Boris Johnson, I think Benjamin has covered it.

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