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    Ioan y Ffin

    Considering Huawei’s alleged and well-evidenced involvement in the systematic oppression of ethnic minorities in China including the mass imprisonment of the Uighurs and their forced re-education so that Uighur children don’t learn the Uighur language, but have to use Mandarin Chinese instead, is it appropriate for Coleg Cambria, an education provider in Wales to so closely tie its name to such a company? This is for the College Principal to explain – do you value human rights? do you believe minority languages should be oppressed?



    Unfortunately, until education is fully financed by government there will always be suspect partnerships in an attempt to procure funding.

    People being forced to use a language other than their own, and being punished for using their own language, has a ring of familiarity to it.
    Ah, that would be the English ruing over the Welsh and the suppression of the Welsh language.

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