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    The Hs2 highspeed rail line is classed as as an England and Wales project by the Conservative Government. Although running from London to Birmingham, with not an inch of track anywhere near Wales, Welsh taxpayers are funding this.
    The Government’s own analysis estimated that HR2 would have an overall Negative impact on Wales.
    If it was an England only project Wales would then receive a proportionate amount of millions to spend on its’ own railways, via the ‘Barnett consequential’. Both Scotland and Northern Ireland will receive money to spend on their railways.
    It appears Wales has been let down yet again by the current Conservative Government.



    There is a direct Holyhead to London service. That will probably continue after HS2 – going at standard speeds to Crewe and then the higher speeds down to London.

    So Wales does benefit. Wrexham to Crewe is a lot closer than the vast majority of England is to one of the HS2 stations.



    Running the high speed trains at normal speed, from Crewe to Holyhead, isn’t going to happen. They’re electric, the North Wales Coast line isn’t electrified.
    With money sucked out of the Welsh system, electrification is probably a long way away.
    To get the high speed train would mean changing at Crewe so there wouldn’t be an advantage.
    Probably quicker to stay on the normal route rather than hike across Crewe station and wait for a connection.
    It’s going to be of no advantage at all.



    Suggesting Wrexham or Wales is going to benefit from something in Crewe station is a reach and a half. It’s a 50 minute rail journey away.

    They need to sort out the North Wales metro area rail links they keep banging on about.


    Born Acorn

    One of HS2s main aims is to move fast, non-stop trains from the existing West Coast Main Line (WCML) by moving those services to new dedicated lines, freeing up the space for more freight and commuter (stopping) trains on the existing network.

    Now, diesel traction will be banned from HS2, and the new trains are electric only, no hybrids. So what happens to non-stop direct London trains that are diesel pulled, like Wrexham, the N Wales coast, and Shrewsbury’s services?

    My fear is that they’ll be cancelled altogether or turned into long distance stopping trains, adding another hour on to London. Sure, we could change at Crewe or Birmingham, but people hate changing trains.

    Because timetable changes are only announced twice a year and only a few months before they actually happen, I feel this will be dropped on us in 2033, 6 or whenever it happens.

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