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    Proposals for 600 house development off Holt Road refused by Planning Committee, we need the houses as there is lack of housing stock in Wrexham & more houses will keep the house prices more stable. Whats wrong with Wrexham planning department?? When the chief planning officer approves a development the council department say no, when the chief planning officer does not recommend a development the the council department say yes??? The LDP approval is not needed we can all see more houses are needed & that site is an ideal location.

    Using Health services as an excuse is terrible, if lack oh health services, then add more, houses are needed in Wrexham especially more 2 bedroom houses.

    If the council really think theses houses are not needed, then how is it every new house that is built in wrexham gets sold, majority to live in not rent out, Wrexhams argument does not hold water.

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    It will go ahead eventually. It has to! Have you seen some of the ridiculous prices being asked in and around Wrexham!!?? 4 bed house Egerton Walk 395K, bungalows on Ty Gwyn up for £340K! Madness.



    Who’s going to be able to afford these houses?

    I wish they’d redevelop brownfield sites; clean up land that’s being wasted and put it to good use, but I suspect they won’t touch them, because it’s expensive to do.



    Lookin at this, what about The Local Democracy Reporting Service saying the large site at Lower Berse Farm was seen as key to the success of the council’s development plan ….. around 1500 new homes! Over double the Holt Road site and would cause more traffic chaos!

    Developing don’t won’t brownfield sites because they cannot charge stupid prices that attract people workin over the border.

    - STAY AT HOME -



    Would be interesting to know how many of the council houses sold off in the Wrexham area over the years are now owned by private landlords.



    In view of the latest population projections it seems you talking a load of rubbish. You wouldn’t be the developers would you ?



    Seems like Wrexham Council is refusing almost every House building application lately. I guess the council has a lot of land it owns, why are the council not building its own council homes, cheaper rents are needed in wrexham. Even if the population is reducing, more homes built will eventually bring house prices down & that is so needed.


    Captain C

    It beyond belief when they turned down 30+ houses in Summerhill because it was outside the settlement limits but they passed 362 houses in Llay even though they were outside the settlement limits. Wrexham Planning Dept’ are amazing, next time we will all wave brown envelopes and see how we get on.

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