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    What a disgrace our Council are – the only ones who have made the exhibition of art produced by homeless people in Wrexham political are the Council. There has been no thought to the people who have been involved and yet again another smack in the teeth to the homeless of Wrexham.

    Our Council should think long and hard about this action and they should be reported to the Public Service Ombudsman as they are abusing the use of Purdah to block the exhibition.



    Totally agree. Wrexham Council are using the Election as an excuse. What a positive experience it would have been for all those whose work was to be exhibited. Why, when something good has been achieved do the Council always find a way of ruining it.



    It seems to me like the Council have declared the homeless people of Wrexham’s right to expression as Degenerate Art and used a Purdah as a mask to censor it – manipulated to push their political manifesto that homeless are not welcome here.

    Ironically by halting what was essentially a non-political cultural and perhaps humanitarian event, by censorship they have kicked the issue straight onto the political football field with candidates looking to stand for December’s election now calling for the event to be reinstated. They have scored a massive own goal as it shines a light and criticism on the political practices of the Independent-Tory led Executive Board when usually they gets a break from scrutiny during election campaign time as people look at the national parties.

    This all builds into the Executive Board establishing Wrexham town centre as a hostile environment for the homeless this winter after recent actions where they spent a disgusting amount (£30k) on preventing homeless from seeking shelter in the cold and wind around council buildings. There were many who thought they could have used that money to provide more warm and safe night time beds or food, or perhaps on anything that didn’t punish the poor.

    This latest act of stopping this art event comes across as if the council are looking to thwart any attempt to actually humanise the town’s homeless, which would echo their plight with the general populous on whose goodwill they rely on to help them survive at the harshest time of the year. By taking away the homeless’ voice, the council ensure that they remain dehumanised and considered a nuisance with no discernible qualities that the rest of us have.

    It is ironic that the Council’s continued onslaught against Wrexham’s homeless comes in the same week as the Victorian Christmas Market as their actions come across incredibly Dickensian in nature and almost as if they want to “decrease the surplus population”. Those who were like Scrooge would have been happy to know that their negative outlook on the poor still reigns supreme a full 176 years after the original publication of a Christmas Carol.

    I see that people on social media have been questioning what other local issues the Council might block getting limelight before Purdah is over and we’ve already seen that it has been used to block a debate on the disabled. This tell you everything you need to know about what the Executive Board thinks of the most vulnerable and needy groupings in town.




    Heard last night that the Council have stopped all Christmas events until after the election as Father Christmas has issued his election manifesto to help the economy by getting the electorate to buy big for Christmas. This is seen to be Political and falls within the Purdah regulations the Council are using.
    All Santa’s little Elf helpers in Wonderland have been planning this campaign of the public to spend for over 12 months after last year was not good for the High Street shops – their links with Coca Cola, John Lewis and Aldi to name a few commercial partners that help boost the Wonderland economy – these are now central to any future Government to give the economy a massive boost.

    Instead of festive lights being turned on the Council will have a ceremonial turning off in line with most of the political Parties environmental pledges in their manifestos- remember though don’t burn candles as they are bad carbon for the atmospheres.

    To avoid any alignment with the Labour Party = Father Christmas images will now have to change from a red coat to one made to look like Josephs coat of many colours from the musical Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat to ensure he is PC and does not appear to be in favour of one particular Political Party.

    What a day the 13th December will be – we will know who is ruling the country and Father Christmas can get back to work after a 10-day rest due to running a Politically neutral campaign of creating friendliness and happiness to all. (Father Chrstmas must be out of step as other Political Parties don’t do this!!)

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