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    The problem I see in the town is all that alcohol related violence and disorder. A&E is often packed with the consequences.



    Rhosddu garden of rest was horrendous today. A certain smell in the air and five “people” obviously on some sort
    of funny tobacco. No respect for the graves there whatsoever.



    Production and distribution seem to be the target for law enforcement and not the end consumer- this is all very well but still does not tackle the social issues affecting those that go down the drug taking route that affects so many people. The jury is still out on whether the cannabis use leads to other substances, but human nature means as a species will all explore — one cannabis becomes a norm then nature will take over to explore other substances with different impact.



    How many so called celebrities going for expensive re-hab treatment started by taking recreational drugs?

    Is depression caused by cannabis or used to treat it? Are people who suffer depression more likely to turn to weed for help or is it that the wacky baccy that is the root cause? Nobody seems to know the answer & until they do, it should be considered harmful.

    The message being sent out to young people is that it is OK to break the law because some people think that it is harmless including some top ranking policemen. No wonder the country is going to the dogs



    Also, it smells foul. You can smell it as you walk around town. I haven’t been to Chirk for many years – does that still have its peculiar odour? Maybe Wrexham will become known for its cannabis smell.

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